Inspiring Excellence in Every Student District Home.

The Student/Parent Handbook has been designed as a resource for basic information that students and parents need to know during the course of the academic school year. 2737 0 obj <> endobj

NEAAAT is a highly innovative regional career academy that inspires and prepares students with the STEM-related skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for careers related to the aerospace industry. When shopping with Amazon, consider logging in at, For more information on Raleigh National College Fair,, This year, the HS Formal will be held on April 20th in the KE White Center. NC DPI believes that MTSS is the most effective and efficient approach to improving school outcomes and student performance thereby ensuring equitable access to a sound basic education. If the list seems unusual, add only the most basic information now and renew your handbook next year. Motion was made and seconded (Hartsfield/Tillett) to approve this MOU with NEAAAT ... copy of the Enrollment handbook was shared with the Trustees. Rather, only include the very most relevant data on the first day and space out those studies with other first day projects. Translate Language. h��T[kQ��l�� 驽ㅴ/�!�R7������-^*�*�Ք(bIŢHB�+��ڂBPjŇZKE-U�j� b�C��E�U_�9�m���%;s曙�|s� ��ot �4�ߧ1=p�'D�l�DpM#���R^��8b{��e��� A�k�)�_a�Wx���a[�[�E�r�u͌7►#�X)*Goђzͨ�駱�����{�1Zܤ �~�8D*�%��3��z[k��M��O�Ќ�G���5��@8/M��Ι�T$���.ӱU�Ο��d9X�rur���Z˧�䶹�+���2�W�\Z�'g�4���ے�!���fsθ0�W |��ܼ��v%��\����C�^O*r՟|���.

��/��Eg�vt���ګ�*��d�˙ߦ��l���\��PW� V#sV*� Team member Chris West is shown with the toolkit given to the NEAAAT Robo-Banditos from the NCSSM Zebracorns.

Five NEAAAT coaches completed teacher externships at the Elizabeth City Coast Guard Base on June 10-14, 2019. New Students (BAS 1) Fall 2020 • Saturday & Sunday, August 8 & 9 – Move in day • Sunday, August 9 – Final day to complete Online Registration and be registered for Fall 2020 • Monday, August 10 – First day of classes • Friday, December 18 – Academic Period ends.

Build relationships with coaches and students for academic and social success.

Creative Problem Solving is a skill that needs to be nurtured and developed.

SES Interim Reports. Designing a handbook also makes you think through all of your classroom policies in a consistent way. The nonprofit shall submit any proposed material revision of the charter to the SBE in accordance with guidance provided by the Office of Charter Schools Changes that constitute a materials revision include, but are not limited to, the following:, Nick J. Vincelli, Librarian NC Department of Labor Library phone: 919-707-7880,, Online training here:, OCS Main number: 984.236.2700/[email protected], Dave Machado/984.236.2702/Director of the Office of Charter Schools, 984.236.2701/General Administrative Support, Shaunda Cooper/984.236.2712/Consultant, Renewals, Claire Porter/984.236.2707/ Consultant, Ready to Open, Planning Year, Ashley Baquero/984.236.2708/Consultant, Amendments & Compliance, Joseph Letterio/984.236.2703/Consultant, Performance Framework & Epicenter Tech, Darian Jones/984.236.2705/Consultant, Professional Learning, Jay Whalen/984.236.2711/ Program Administrator, NC ACCESS Program, Barbara O'Neal/984.236.2706/ Program Coordinator, NC ACCESS Program,

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