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var imgTitle = dom_i.query(this).attr("title") == undefined ? '' : dom_i.query(this).css("margin-bottom").trim(); New Mexico imposes a weight-distance tax on owners, operators, and registrants of intra and interstate commercial vehicles with a declared gross vehicle weight in excess of 26,000 pounds.

You'll help teachers start outdoor laboratories for students'. You'll give talks and present conservation demonstrations to clubs and organizations. dom_i.query(this).after("

"); 10 : dom_i.query(this).css("margin-top").trim(); A permit is required for people engaging in these activities in New Mexico. You'll sample soils and evaluate soil quality, work with watershed information and water quality reports, and record changes in land use patters. } //

Amanda demonstrated great initiative and leadership in completing the Conservation Stewardship workload priorities for Carrizozo while the lead planner was on detail. : dom_i.query(this).css("margin-bottom").trim(); A list of Web-based resources for access to natural if(imgTitle != ''){ if(imgMarginLeft.indexOf("px") > 0){ var imgMarginRight = dom_i.query(this).css("margin-right") == undefined ? New Mexico also boasts the highest concentration of pecan production in the world and is one of the top three pecan producing states in the nation. var count = 1; /*dom.query(document).ready(function(){ }

if (imgTitle != '') { Web Soil Survey (WSS) provides soil data and information produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) has a strong and enduring commitment to creating conditions which enable the people of New Mexico to thrive. : dom_i.query(this).css("margin-left").trim(); Agriculture Secretary Jeff Witte presented the 2019 Rounders awards to New Mexico artist Dino Cornay and performer/songwriter RW Hampton at the ceremony. } Whether landowners want to use their rangeland to support livestock, wildlife, recreation, or a combination of these, you'll tailor conservation plans that will help landowners meet their goals. You'll identify problems such as wetness and erosion.

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