It may also affect health factors such as ability to purchase healthy foods and pay bills. In 2019, the real GDP of New Mexico was 97.09 billion U.S. dollars. What drives community vitality, illnesses and pandemics is whether people are informed, McPhillips said. “Bearish input from concerns about the global economy or hold-ups in the US/China trade deal could bring another test at the low end of the range at $53, which will likely find buyers.”. Additionally, communities where not all people have equitable access to good jobs experience income inequality. New Mexico’s five food banks and the hundreds of food pantries around the state are in desperate need of healthy volunteers to help with sorting, packing and distributing food. GDP ... New Mexico County That Didn't Have Any COVID Cases Now Has 2. What this measures: The percentage of residents 16 or older who do not have a job and are looking for one. Capital Santa Fe Median Income $25,311. CSV XML EXCEL.

That marked an increase from 2018’s 2.5 percent in total growth, showing increases of 0.7 percent and 5.5 percent in the first and second quarters, respectively. The 500 healthiest communities had a Covid-19 case rate that was 40% lower than other US counties as of August 24, the report said. Mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction was the state’s largest growth area, contributing by about 2.2 percent to New Mexico’s overall GDP growth, while it only contributed about 0.33 percent across the U.S. New Mexico’s extraction industry made the second biggest contribution to the state’s GDP, behind Wyoming’s 3.5 percent and ahead of Texas’ 1.8 percent, per the report. This can lead to a cycle of hopelessness and intergenerational poverty. 21). "People understand why the measures are important, how they impact our safety and our ability to open businesses ... and schools.". But the report credited oil and gas as driving most of the GDP growth in New Mexico and the country. Since the economic downturn of 2007, New Mexico has been on the path to economic recovery. "This year, it was incredibly important to factor coronavirus into that analysis.". Santa Fe, NM Demographics . New Mexico GDP was at its highest in 2015 when it reached $86.495 bn. “For the state, that’s good news. "We're all on the same page about what our concerns are, what our tools are (and) what our needs are" such as child care and mortgage payments, Scott said. Hobbs New Mexico, Economic Development Hobbs New Mexico and Lea County are located in the heart of the southwest. Majority-American Indian counties had a case rate that was higher than the national average as well. 1 for the mental health category, which assessed deaths from suicide, alcohol or drugs, the rate of depression among Medicare beneficiaries and the number of poor mental health days per month, McPhillips said.

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