This course provides an exploration of major theories, concepts and methods of research in the study of human communication.

Examines behavioral, cognitive, social, cultural, and political issues of new communication technologies and their use and management. Training in understanding and applying the principles and techniques of argumentation and persuasion. COMM 450. Ronnie Garver, senior graphic designer in New Mexico State University's communications department, has been named assistant director of university communications for publications. Please tell us a little more about your event/announcement. Students take courses in interpersonal communication, organizational communication, political communication and/or cultural communication. Prerequisite: prior arrangement with faculty supervisor(s).

Communication Theory and Discovery. The following information will be published in Hotline.

Open Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm The mission of the New Mexico State University system is to serve the diverse needs of the state through comprehensive programs of education, research, extension and outreach, and public service. Finally, the students learn about the the Communication Studies discipline and various communication careers they can pursue with their degree. To be identified by subtitle. Students have the option to take the following: Any two courses (6 credits) numbered 450 or above in the Department of Communication Studies. Theories of interpersonal communication and communication within a relationship, including study of relevant models, contexts, and constructs. Students participate in novel, team-based problem scenarios that provide the foundation for acquiring advanced cognitive analytic methods and strategies.
Includes case studies of large-scale persuasion efforts, current theoretical models of persuasion processes, and methods for studying, evaluating, and refining messages for optimal effects. NMSU chartered student organizations may use the university name in official titles; however, these organizations are not permitted to use other elements of the NMSU brand. COMM 556.

Students will examine the use of strategic communication and influence in diplomacy, intelligence, and military communities in terms of specific strategies, effects, and issues. Monday – Friday Political communication theory, research, and issues.

Earlier submissions are encouraged.

May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits. Principles and methods of modern group discussion with emphasis on the role of the group in problem solving.
If students want to enroll in. Graduate students are required to fulfill advanced research and presentation requirements. This course focuses on human physical behaviors as the basis of communication between persons.

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