As a result of the statement by Mrs. [name withheld] that there was no chapel, the writer left the office and asked [the boy] if there was a chapel in the school basement and he stated there was and when told that his mother alleged there was not chapel in the basement, he stated, "She's crazy. Because of all the confusion and excitement of the fire.

Mr. [name withheld] then shook hands with the writer and left the laboratory. Mr. [name withheld] informed the writer that Mr. Dino D'Angelo was the attorney who referred them to this laboratory and that this was promised to be of a confidential nature.

The writer inquired as to what school he went to and he stated he went to the Cicero Public School. When you went to our Lady of Angels school did you usually come home for lunch? Did I or anyone in this laboratory tell you that you could go free after this is all over?

What did you do then after the den mother contacted your mother and there was going to be no den meeting? Did your father learn that you set this fire? What was in this can that you threw the lighted matches into? Will you point this drawing out to Mr. Lindberg who is sitting right next to you and tell him again what you did after you left your room at Our Lady of Angels School at about a quarter of three on December 1, 1958?

The writer did not wish to contact the police or to contact your office in this matter because of the possibilities of arresting the subject and believed that the lawyers or the parents would complete their moral obligation and benefit the boy by taking the information to the Family Court. Why are you thinking about the electric chair? Confessions on Friday & Saturday are until line ends. It is possible that the subject masturbated more often during the time he was in the examining laboratory than was observed in that the subject was only observed when he was allowed to be alone for a period of time and the observation was used for purposes of preventing the subject from injuring himself or possibly jumping out the window. (All of the information given to the examiner was very sketchy by the mother as to the location and date of these fires.) This statement was transcribed and later signed by [the boy] and witnessed by Mildred McGuffie, George W. Lindberg, Stephen J. Kindig and John E. Reid. Remember to Check Our Catholic Links Page.

Did you say anything about your school when you were coming back? Just that I didn't think I was going to hurt nobody. The boy stated he did not but said "On the afternoon that it happened I was coming back to school with a boyfriend of mine who lived on Springfield Avenue. What does the Church teach? Tour Agency.

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