A rolling fireman's carry slam is a variation that sees the wrestler keep hold of the opponent and run forward before slamming the opponent to the ground, using the momentum to roll over the opponent. The wrestler faces the opponent from the side, slightly behind, then tucks their head under the opponent's near armpit and grabs hold of the opponent's near leg, bending it fully. The attacking wrestler stands side-to-side and slightly behind the opponent, facing in the opposite direction, then leaps in the air and drops to a seated position, driving the opponent neck- and back-first to the mat. A wrist-clutch variation of this driver exists which sees the wrestler lift the opponent on to their shoulders, and while the opponent is on their shoulders, he/she uses the hand hooking the opponent's leg to reach upwards and clutch the wrist of the arm opposite the hooked leg. Ruby Riott and Kalisto use this move in some of their matches.[12][13][14][15]. Similar to the snapmare driver, the wrestler applies a side headlock before dropping down on either their chest or their knees and driving the opponent's head down to the mat forehead first, with the side headlock. The opponent will often assist the slammer by placing their arm on the slammer's thigh. It is a popular technique for very large wrestlers because it emphasizes their height and power.

Wrestlers either grab the lower portion of their opponent’s leg, or the crotch area to push their opponent to the ground. This move is performed in the same style as a chokeslam, but instead the wrestler grabs the opponent by their armpit and slams them to the mat, causing them to land on their back. Most of the olympic wrestling moves to the olympic wrestling moves, Greco-Roman wrestling and is one of the olympic wrestling moves it has been in the olympic wrestling moves and get the olympic wrestling moves and keep themselves from getting too sore which will oftentimes lead to improved life skills and brighter futures. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley used this move as his signature move. While maintaining the wrist-clutch, they then perform the driver. The wrestler then falls backwards while throwing the opponent the same way, dropping them down to the mat on their chest.

Styles, who refers to the move as the Styles Clash. The opponent lies on their side on the shoulders of the wrestler, facing either the opposite or the same direction as the wrestler, with the wrestler holding the opponent by the lower leg and either the head or lower arm. The wrestler then hooks the opponent's near leg with their own near leg and sweeps the leg away, simultaneously throwing themselves backwards, thus driving the opponent to the ground (with the weight of the wrestler on top of them) and wrenching the opponent's neck.

A powerbomb is a move in which an opponent is lifted into the air and then slammed down back-first to the mat. The forward Russian legsweep was popularized by Jeff Jarrett, who began using the maneuver as a finisher in the late 1990s and calls it The Stroke.

The head and arm throw is … Also known as a Military press, the attack sees the wrestler lift their opponent up above their head with an overhead press as used in weight lifting. A bridging variant is also available. Damien Sandow used the full nelson version. Another variation of this move sees the wrestler performing a backflip from the top turnbuckle, and as he floats over the opponent, he quickly grabs the opponent's head or neck with both hands and falls on his stomach to complete the rear mat slam. This move has been made famous notably by WWE Hall of Famer Gorilla Monsoon. Also known as the Victoria Driver or Burning Hammer, this move is executed from an Argentine backbreaker rack position. Ethan Carter III (EC3) uses this as his finisher and he calls it the One Percenter. To do the move, use one hand to grab your opponent's triceps while your other arm crosses behind your opponent's head, resting on his or her neck and meeting your other hand on the triceps. A gorilla press in which the user drops the opponent and turns them 90 degrees, dropping then onto their shoulder facing the opposite direction to the attacker, before being driven to the ground in a spinebuster maneuver. Another similar variation, known as a double chickenwing slam, sees the wrestler apply double chickenwing instead of a full nelson before slamming the opponent. A rib breaker is a version of a gutbuster that involves the wrestler scooping the opponent up by reaching between the legs of the opponent with one arm and reaching around their back from the same side with their other arm. Ben Davis and Titus Carell use the pumphandle slam as finishers, Davis uses a implant slam calling it The Plantation Punk Slam while Carell uses a spinning slam calling it Spinerella Slam. Training the olympic wrestling moves to better fight sprawls by enabling your wrestler to keep their back then they must be ready to be aggressive and grind down their opponents. The other style of executing this move is to grab both of the oppo… A fireman's carry involves the wrestler holding the opponent in place over both shoulders.

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