Optus Sagemcomm [email protected] 5336 TN. I'm a Telecomms Technician, and work on installations and repairs. For some reason after a few hours or a day I can't connect to the 2.4 ghz band even though it is visible in available wifi networks - 5ghz band works fine and I would use just this but I have some devices such as a printer and rooftop solar that are only 2.4 compatible. As part of the NBN roll out, there will likely be some intermittent drop outs and inconsistencies.I'm telling you this, as it may help relieve some of your frustration and confusion regarding the change process.Tech stuff: the network is changing from ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscribers Line) to VDSL (Very highspeed Digital Subscribers Line).As advice: please ask your provider to test the line remotely (most can), and check it is NOT the quality of the wires themselves, to eliminate the modem as the problem. Telephone, Cordless Telephone user manuals, operating guides & specifications This may get messy because with NBN there is a chance something will go wrong, based on my horror experiences with them.See: https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-sip-3426669#:~:text=%20If%20you%20want%20to%20communicate%20through%20SIP%2C,through%20and%20to%20hear%20what%20is...%20More%20. Discover all product That way I get complete flexibility to run my home with my own preferred hardware that is not crippled - and can easily switch between providers if the need arises. Good luck!
Condition is Brand New.
Can I use this as a VoIP ATA with another ISP? I still want my landline so looking for a alternative. It is the biggest, ugliest black modem that I have ever seen and refuse to use it. The Optus gear is already quite good when set up properly. Thanks for confirming re the Sagecom modem/ATA - Optus being Optus, I thought that was probably the case. I have an Optus Sagemcom [email protected] TN Modem, connected to the NBN via FTTC, which replaced a previous older Sagemecom due to intermittent modem issues. Optus Sagemcom [email protected] 3864V3 OP - Review - Issues. Check for channel interference etc.Make you you get technical advice regarding your specific needs as there are different modems.The guest wifi radio can be activated through the 5366 TN menu (click on the cog wheel icons to access the settings for each band). Supose to get a technician over....waiting for confirmation of Optus....and definitely will ask that question. From there I'll sign up to a VoIP provider which will allow me to use my own ATA and a separate NBN provider that will allow me to keep using my Asus router. PHOTOS AND IMAGES. You need to convert from a normal USB plug to a USB micro plug on the other end which will go into the router.

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