Most streaming service apps are available too, though Disney+ is a notable absentee.

Panasonic’s ‘my Home Screen’ user interface is now in its fifth generation, and here it’s as simple and easy to follow as a big-print book from the library. So, it’s not all that much like Dolby Atmos at all. The Panasonic HZ1500 carries on from the 2019 GZ1500 with another fluent OLED performance. The shy-high detail levels are responsible for much of this fidelity, of course, but the Panasonic's far-ranging colour palette and impressive control of contrasts also contribute. The remaining 20 watts of the HZ1500’s allocation of 80 watts of power are taken by an integrated subwoofer.
If you want to start watching TV almost immediately, it's possible to get the HZ1500 set up in a matter of moments; if you're an inveterate tweaker, you can fiddle with the nuances of the HZ1500's settings for hours on end. That expanse of screen is surrounded on all four sides by an extremely brief bezel - it's a single piece of metal with nice smooth corners. Dolby Vision IQ proves its worth throughout, with relevant content enjoying a nicely judged level of brightness – no more having to close the curtains to enjoy optimum picture quality. Panasonic. The HZ1500's most unOLED-like near-60mm depth is partly explained by its audio specification. Editing by Mike Lowe. From the front, the Panasonic HZ1500 is pretty much ideal: it’s almost all screen. Chi cerca, Trovaprezzi! Gamers who've stuck with us this far should know that the Panansonic is plenty rapid enough (sub-20ms response-time rapid) for current-gen consoles, and carries over all the best bits of its performance to games too. Those tricky-to-get-at inputs include four HDMI HDCP2.2 inputs, one of which is eARC enabled. Other years, most manufacturers seem content to fiddle around the edges of existing technology - either safe in the knowledge that they're already eking out peak performance, or too dispirited and cash-strapped to be any more ambitious. Naturally enough there’s Wi-Fi on board too, as well as push/pull Bluetooth compatibility. Yes, considering it’s ‘just’ a flatscreen TV, the Panasonic HZ1500 sounds quite big and bold. The Panasonic combines these super-wide contrasts, stratospheric detail levels, militaristic control of movement and edge definition, and wide-ranging and entirely believable colour palette, into images that are endlessly watchable.

Isn’t it? A good deal of the Panasonic’s nigh-on 6cm depth is explained by the presence of two upward-firing ‘racetrack’ speaker drivers arranged in a sort of tower at the back of the screen. It doesn't carry a 'Technics' badge like some of Panasonic's range-topping screens, but nevertheless it's a statement of intent. It’s also packing Dolby Vision IQ, which uses the screen’s integrated light sensor to adjust picture brightness on the fly. Colours are vivid but not overblown, motion is kept a close eye on, and edge definition is similarly impressive. The TX-55HZ1500 bulks up more than most OLEDs when viewed in profile. So if you don't want to close the blinds every time you turn the TV on, this Panasonic is ready to respond to your ambient lighting conditions in order to deliver optimal picture quality. On these terms the Panasonic sounds more capable and dynamic than most similarly priced alternatives. Panasonic TX-55HZ1000: prezzo suggerito 1.999 euro Iva inclusa Link articoli AVMagazine (Editore Riccardo Riondino) Gamma OLED 2020 Nuova serie Oled Panasonic Link a recensioni: Panasonic HZ1000 Unboxing + Picture Settings (HDTV Test / Vincent Teoh) Panasonic HZ1000 Review (HDTV Test / Vincent Teoh) Panasonic HZ1500 Review(
So for once a new soundbar to accompany your shiny new TV is more an option than a necessity.

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