The rich colours of the costumes were perfectly handled, the blacks delivered with depth, and the subtle shadow details in the torch-lit rooms retained all their detail. Here’s everything you need to know about the Panasonic HZ980 OLED TV before buying. The FZ800/FZ802 supports Freeview Play, so you get a complete set of UK catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5, BBC News & Sport and UK Play. As both are OLEDs, we can expect rich contrast and perfect black levels, which are OLED’s defining qualities. Generally speaking, HDR can look overly dark when watched in a daylit room, and the HZ2000 manages to avoid that. OLED TVs with integrated soundbars offer an experience that doesn’t require any additional boxes for audio. These tables tell the TV how to map the colours correctly, and were created in cooperation with some of the top colourists in Hollywood. The HZ2000 also sports a cinema-style Dolby Atmos sound system, complete with up-firing speakers for height channels in the soundtracks. There’s a super-etched look to every piece of detail and so much subtlety to its image shading that the sense of depth is believable enough to make you want to jump right into the picture. What’s more, without that extra layer of backlighting behind the pixels, OLED panels are incredibly thin which means you can wallmount them far flusher than most TVs, or just marvel at their wafer-like beauty on a stand. There’s no AirPlay 2 either, so users will have to make do with mirroring via an app such as AirBeam (iOS/Mac). It’s probably safe to say the motion handling won’t be quite as advanced, and you should be aware of that when buying as your home theater centerpiece. The FZ800/FZ802 sits on a traditional black stand that measures 500mm x 300mm, and is also made of metal. It's the flagship 8K TV in Samsung's range, and we rate it as the best TV on the planet.

Regular Blu-rays appear similarly coherent.

However, if that's you, the speakers here will be welcome. We don't expect that this is the OLED TV everyone will want to buy due to its premium cost, but that doesn't stop it being the best so far – and a recent price drop for Panasonic’s flagship 55-inch OLED (also available in 65-inches) does still make it a competitive choice.

The GX OLED is powered by the α9 Gen 3 processor, which uses AI to improve picture and sound. Be sure to come back to this page as we update it with our full review of the HZ2000. Without this, this TV won't be making it onto our list of the best gaming TVs. LG's BX isn't expected to launch until September, but it's likely to be even cheaper than (if not comparable with) the 48-inch CX too.

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