And it was love at first sight. He opened the cleaning cupboard – but the mop wasn’t there! Il devient catcheur à la fin des années 1980 et se fait connaître d'abord à la Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) durant la deuxième moitié des années 1990. Saturn unexpectedly lost following copious interference from The Flock, and Lodi forced Saturn to carry his bags, made him hold up pro-Lodi signs at ringside, and ordered him to chant Lodi's name while Lodi wrestled.

Satullo began training as a professional wrestler at Killer Kowalski's school in Malden, Massachusetts around 1988, taking the ring name Saturn from the Roman god of the same name before later tweaking it to Perry Saturn. and was often used as Saturn's secret weapon in hardcore matches. During a bout taped for the secondary TV show “Metal,” Saturn wrestled Mike Bell, who accidentally botched an arm drag, landing the WWE star on his head. C'est là-bas qu'on commence à le surnommer Saturn[4]. The mop became a sympathetic ear for the lonely, strange-minded Superstar, became Saturn's "corner man," (err ... corner mop?) Il a débuté à la WCW le 8 septembre face à Billy Kidman, mais a rapidement été mis de côté durant un mois à cause de son genou qui n'était pas complètement rétabli. Il y remporte à trois reprises le championnat du monde par équipes de l'ECW avec John Kronus. In 1999, Saturn caused shockwaves when he left WCW for WWE alongside Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero as part of a famous defection. Satullo eventually won the IWF Light Heavyweight Championship. The Radicalz se reformaient fin 2000, rivalisant avec la nouvelle D-Generation X et les battant aux Survivor Series 2000[18].
Could it be that Moppy somehow survived the hateful attack? Saturn won his first championship in over a decade as he defeated Arik Cannon & Sir Bradley Charles in a Triple Threat match for the 3XW Pure Wrestling championship on April 27 in Des Moines, Iowa. Raven began questioning whether Saturn could "hurt those he wants to free so badly" and forced him to face Riggs.

As Saturn and Cronus were their cultures' respective gods of the harvest, Satullo proposed that they be known as "The Harvesters of Sorrow". Satullo enlisted in the United States Army for four years at the age of seventeen, before eventually embarking on a career in professional wrestling. Il faisait ensuite équipe avec Benoit pour tenter de récupérer les titres. The Eliminators, the duo that opened ECW’s first pay-per-view in 1997, started their run under much different circumstances. Après avoir échoué au tournoi du King of the Ring[17], Satullo se dirigeait une fois de plus vers le European Championship, battant finalement Guerrero le 23 juillet. The compactly-built and heavily tattooed Satullo and the high-flying Caiazzo caught the attention of Paul Heyman's Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) when they were brought in to job to the Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott), and the Eliminators were hired by ECW in 1995.

After Benoit left the Revolution to align himself with Bret Hart, the remainder of the stable began feuding with him. She left Saturn for Raven, who would help her enact vengeance on Saturn by stealing Moppy and feeding her into a woodchipper. In January of 2000, Saturn was among the “Radicalz” that famously jumped to the WWF and appeared in the front row on Raw. [6] Satullo finished a bachelor's degree before he became a full-time wrestler. While working as the manager of a nightclub in Boston, Satullo met bouncer George Caiazzo, who expressed an interest in becoming a wrestler. Saturn began uttering the phrase "you're welcome" at inopportune intervals, and then fell in love with Moppy, an inanimate mop which he believed was alive, similar to Wilson the volleyball in the 2000 film Cast Away. As a result, “Moppy” is a memorable angle from his career.

He is a former ECW World Tag Team Champion, WCW World Tag Team Champion, WCW World Television Champion, WWF European Champion and WWF Hardcore Champion.[5]. Saturn et John Kronus arrivent à la Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) le 16 septembre 1995[7]. Satullo rivalisait par la suite avec Eddie Guerrero et Ernest Miller avant de d'avoir une autre rivalité avec Chris Jericho. Raven et Satullo se réunissaient en mars 1999, rivalisant avec Dean Malenko et Chris Benoit, des membres des Four Horsemen. His patented Death Valley Driver made him a feared competitor and he captured the World Television Championship early in his WCW career. 2020 (9/27/2020), Royce Isaacs Confirms He Has Been Granted His Release From The NWA, Kyle O’Reilly, Candice LeRae Earn Title Shots At NXT TakeOver. After failing to proceed in the King of the Ring tournament, Saturn went after the European Championship once more, finally beating Guerrero at Fully Loaded on July 23. And as a submission specialist, Saturn loved to inflict pain on others with his Rings of Saturn finishing maneuver. [22], During an interview with Bill Apter in September 2016, Satullo revealed that he was dealing with a "traumatic brain injury" that limited his abilities.

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