It's a shame that after 45 years, all of a sudden, this is being revisited. ", Though Hunter and Beau were rushed to the nearest hospital with injuries, but survived. Stevenson did not immediately respond to The Sun's request for comment. If you know anything about Joe Biden, then you probably know he is happily married to Dr. Jill Biden. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Neilia and 13-month-old Amy died at the scene, amid, as the Independent described, "campaign literature from the young senator-elect from Delaware [littering] the streets.". It's hard not to.". Clearly Jill knew Joe before he allegedly called her out of the blue for a blind date. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Joe Biden’s first wife Neilia, daughter Naomi are part of his tragic past A few weeks after Joe Biden was first elected to the US Senate, he got the phone call. In an interview with The Daily Mail, he told the real story: Joe Biden and his wife Jill have lied to the world for more than 40 years about how they started dating — they actually had an affair that broke up her first marriage, her first husband claims. I had no idea she and Joe were that kind of friendly. Two months later, Stevenson allegedly got confirmation of the affair after a man told him Jill and Joe had been driving together.

It does however explain why Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate because she too broke up a marriage with an affair and lies about everything. I had no idea she and Joe were that kind of friendly,” Stevenson said. COMBAT BEARD SPEAKS! "It was a very painful time in her life. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Jill Biden's ex-husband claims she had an affair with Joe Biden during her first marriage, Stevenson claims Jill and Joe met in 1972, three years before the Bidens have said they met, Stevenson allegedly got confirmation of the affair in October 1974, Stevenson claims the Bidens have been lying about how they first met, Bill Stevenson made headlines in 2018 when he had a heart attack in New York City and was brought back to life by New York Police Officers, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). "Many people have gone through things like that," he told those gathered for Yale's commencement ceremony in 2015. [Photo … They are the official home wrecking ticket and will do to America what they’ve been doing to marriages for over 4 decades: destroy it. "I'm not surprised he fell in love with Jill. She was in an advertisement for local parks that he saw while passing through Wilmington Airport with his brother Frank. Bruce Springsteen was going to play at The Stone Balloon and I had to go to Northern New Jersey to pay him in advance. JOE Biden and his wife Jill had an affair that broke up her first marriage, her first husband has claimed.

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