Shows all of the staff and staff rooms in the zoo and their data and the place to hire said staff.

Studbook (shows the source of the animal and it’s timeline).

Species Data (The more nitty-gritty version of General Info – stuff like social needs, gestation period and whether or not guests can enter their habitat).

It also shows current research, loans, and marketing. Education is very important and, believe it or not, your guests want to learn. Continuous (Trains will move along the track in 1 direction, stopping at each station. Water Treatment (Cleans water – works the same way as power and doesn’t have to be touching water). Education is based on animal research. Genetics (shows size, longevity, fertility, immunity, appeal, physical stats, and lifetime stats).

Security (Security Guards protect the zoo).

World Records (Displays any world records you make but only in Franchise Mode). Construct detailed habitats, manage your zoo, and meet authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world you create around them. Small Keeper Huts and Research Centers hold 1 Keeper while Large can hold 6. Guest information like thoughts, needs, spending, and yearly data.

Enrichment (shows enrichment welfare and how much each enrichment object contributes to welfare.

We are currently editing 368 articles and hosting 1,357 files, and you can help! Happiness (Every need affects this need - its more of the general vibe of the guests).

Shows all the animals in the zoo and their data, all the habitats and exhibits in the zoo and their data, and all the quarantines in the zoo and their data. Reduce chance of animal disease (dirty water can increase the chance of disease in animals who swim and drink in it). Small Staff Rooms hold 4 staff while Large can hold 12.

Vets can research a specific animal or a specific medical thing like a virus, bacteria, or condition. Improve guest's viewing underwater (guests can't see your cool underwater viewing area if the water is all dirty and murky). You should also name your habitats because the game will label then: Habitat 1, Habitat 2... and then any notifications will display this name (including the inspection report) and not, for example, (Gorilla Forest, Antelope, Grasslands, etc.).

A lot of times what zoos will do is use natural barriers like cliffs, rocks, or moats instead of fences.

A look at a unusual marine mammal, the Polar Bear!

Lastly, it shows the plants in the habitat and any plants in red are conflicting plants that will negatively impact welfare).

Veterinarian (They maintain the physical well-being of the animals in the zoo). Ongoing Expenses (It's all of your upkeep costs and ongoing payments, the biggest ones will be power, wages, and maybe animal food).

Conservation Education board (This is not exhibit specific and can be placed anywhere but needs power). Keeper (They maintain the welfare of the animals in the zoo).

Mechanics can research a specific theme or a specific construction thing like habitats, barriers, or food shops. For every mechanic you have is every research you can do. We are currently editing 383 articles and hosting 1,358 files, and you can help!

Construct detailed habitats, manage your zoo, and meet authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world you create around them.#PlanetZoo Planet Zoo is a zoo simulation game developed and published by British developer Frontier Developments.It was released on November 5th, 2019.

The Planet Zoo Wiki is a collaborative resource about Planet Zoo that anyone can edit. Graph data of pretty much everything I just said. Researching things like habitats, barriers or food shops will yield blueprints, extra objects, and more. Essentially, it’s an invisible barrier.

Simulation Runs Wild. Requires a completed loop of track and allows for multiple trains). The number, variety, and welfare of animals in the zoo (Happy and appealing animals contribute to this), Conservation rating (Releasing animals to the wild, animal breeding, recycle bins, and renewable energies all contribute to this), Education Rating (This includes education, research, and zoopedia unlock progress), Aquatic (this biome is only used for animal sustainability (i.e crocodiles) and you cannot choose it as a location).

Interspecies Enrichment (Any animals displayed in this section will benefit from having this animal in their exhibit and vice versa).

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