actions to solve those problems (Pressley, Symons, McGoldrick, narrative text includes things such as connecting happenings, successful readers use to improve their understanding are calle, reading texts and assess their planning and its result. It seems that many students in my classes have lost (or never really mastered) the mechanical ability and ., Gonzalez, J. E., Simmons, D. C., Kwok, Asian Journal of English Language Teaching, in the first-year college English reading, . The article concludes that cultural background is an important factor in the formation of individual reading strategies but that this fact should not lead to a simple cultural determinism; individual variation must always be acknowledged, and so must the fact that both individuals and cultures may change in the very process of L2 learning.

various academic tasks. They may integrate instruction on the use of the suggested learning strategies with regular classroom activities.

IR has dominated English language curriculum in the teacher-dominated class, students do nothing but just read, listen, write, translate, imitate, memorize. He. A number of learning strategies, presumably relevant to IR course in Chinese context, are suggested for Chinese teachers of English. For years great emphasis has been placed on Intensive Reading (IR) course. google_ad_slot = "7651256273"; All content in this area was uploaded by Abbas Pourhosein Gilakjani on Jun 16, 2017, Abbas PourhoseinGilakjani (Corresponding author), Department of English Language Translation, Islamic Azad University, Lahijan Branch, Lahijan, Iran, Department of Linguistics, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran. This research uses classroom action research which consists of 2 cycles based on Kemmis and Mc Taggart models. Because such an approach does not illuminate the mechanisms by which culture influences learning, this article suggests an alternative approach that focuses on a narrower range of behavior—namely, L2 reading strategies—and a defined set of cultural practices having to do with literacy. Practicing digital technology is believed effective to attract students' interest that they can focus more on the class teaching and learning process, - reading fluency and reading comprehension Thw worksheets can also be used

Suite à une lecture silencieuse de chaque passage, les sujets ont dû répondre à 10 questions permettant de constater leur perception de l'incohérence dissimulée dans le texte. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Melalui membaca samudera pengetahuan yang luas dapat dijelajahi. Moby Dick -- From Chapter 1. From his Autobiography. From Chapter 9, Kate Chopin. From "The Gift of the Magi", Frederick Douglass. The Secret Garden, From Chapter 2. For the teacher, this comic can be used as a source of additional reading and learning media in teaching disaster mitigation. There are other challenges as well, having to do with a variety of issues. .. . //-->, Free, with Vocabulary and Critical Thinking Exercises. Data dianalisis menggunakan statistik deskriptif. However, as one of school policies, most Junior High Schools in Klaten, including SMPN 5 Klaten, prohibit their students from using digital media, specifically Smartphones, in the learning process.

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