Normally in an Evening Gown match, the winner is the woman who forcibly removes her opponent's dress, which Sable did.
[2] Sable at this time was also very unpopular backstage, to the extent that Sean Waltman has since admitted to playing a nasty practical joke on her last day with the WWF. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, 5 WWE Stars Who Won The World Heavyweight Championship Too Soon (& 5 Who Won It Too Late),,,,,,,, 5 Ways Jinder Mahal Was Actually A Good WWE Champion (& 5 Ways He Was Awful), Cesaro's 10 Most Impressive Feats Of Strength Ever, Ranked, 10 Great WWE Tag Teams Of The 2010s To Not Win A Championship, 5 Wrestlers Who Actually Beat Roman Reigns Cleanly (& 5 Who Should Have), The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Women's Tag Team Title Matches So Far, 10 Celebrities Who Got Attacked On WWE RAW, John Cena Turning Heel & 9 Other Things Fans Have Wanted (But Never Got), 5 Best Hardy Boyz Matches In WWE (& 5 They Had Elsewhere), 5 '80s Tag Teams Who'd Still Be Great Today (& 5 Who Wouldn't), Matt Hardy: His 10 Final WWE Matches Ranked From Worst To Best, Shawn Michaels: 5 Great Tag Team Partners He Had (& 5 Who Didn't Click With Him), Chris Jericho: His Final 10 WWE Matches Ranked From Worst To Best, Christian & 9 Other People Who Are Overdue For A Hall Of Fame Induction, The 10 Worst Heel Turns Of The Reality Era, Ranked, 5 Fan Favorites Vince Refused To Push (& 5 He Eventually Gave A Chance), 10 AEW Women Who Won Major Titles In Other Promotions, 10 Wrestlers You Forgot Main Evented TNA PPVs. Just a fantastic photo of Sable, and this is one for sure that Brock lesnar would be guarding. By 12, she was frequently attending concerts with her friends.

Also, by Sable's expression, it looks as if she means some serious business and I can admit, I certainly wouldn't want to be the one on the receiving end of her wrath!

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