In crash (while defending) i recomend u to spawn nade the large line of sight near B bomb, then destroy all shotgunners trying to go A bomb from the middlezone of the map while taking cover in the left wall. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

P90: you dont like reloading . Close. I know there are players that live and breath search, how do you do it? You really just can’t compete with the damn gun, I have now put the 725 back on 2 of my overkill classes specifically to play against these people. Check your corners, conserve your equipment and ammo, be very aware of enemies and if you want to, be sneaky. Also don’t play cyber but I know it’s ruining that game-mode too. Thanks for the tips. 377. I still want to casually play S&D for fun, I get CDL is a solid option but it doesn’t make the gun any less broken? When going to offense if the other team thinks you fought them at one bomb site confidently/well, they may think you will plant there too. Edit: Thanks for the Silver Thanks for the Gold!! UAV’s and personal radars are the best killstreak for S&D. Listen to footsteps and pay attention to your teammates. Teams take turns attacking and defending two objectives located on the map. During the first round or two you need to pay very close attention to how each of your enemies are playing. Crash A bomb is practically impossible to get into without a 725. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Search and Destroy, often abbreviated as S&D or SnD, and referred to as YOLO as an April's Fool joke and renamed Looking For The One in Modern Warfare to celebrate Valentines Day 2020 is an elimination-based game mode that has been featured throughout the Call of Duty series. I don’t like to whine&complain about things in CoD but this shotgun has ruined a really fun gamemode and made it 10x easier for casuals to drop 10+ kills running around with Overkill 725 classes.

Ever since they introduced the xbow I've got a class set up just to deal with riot shields now. Luzi Chris « Luzi » Lima - Rédacteur esportif. Pretty much every lobby is just overkill gold/demascus 725 spam with 1 riot shield each game. Looks like they just nerfed the Sawed Off (or more like.. fixed it, since it was a bug that its range can be so high..), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the modernwarfare community.

You need competent teammates to win, go into game chat and type ez at the beginning of every game for best results, Be slow and tactical. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It’s just not fun to constantly have to use the gun yourself or have to change your whole style of play due to a shotgun.

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