My parents loved city names. In addition, the phrasing of two short passages in Cullin’s novel bear a close resemblance to passages in the copyrighted stories. “It’s time the estate, in its own self-interest, changed its business model.” Despite the judge’s opinion, there is no legal restriction on CDE’s activities. These three women were constantly squabbling in court over what could and couldn’t be done with Conan Doyle’s material. What’s the issue, you may ask: surely an author’s work is either in copyright or it isn’t? Nevertheless, Conan Doyle Estate has had some success in this field in the past. Register to Attend for Free. The lawsuit has been filed by Conan Doyle Estate Ltd (CDE), which represents certain members of the family of Holmes’s creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930).

It was the 1998 US Copyright Term Extension Act that prolonged the period for which a work could be considered under copyright.

Browse for all the origins, histories, and meanings of Sherlock and over 40,000 other names. “Holmes and Watson belong to the world, not to some distant relatives of Arthur Conan Doyle.”. There is another body called the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Literary Estate which has spent many years at loggerheads with CDE. Both the Literary Estate and CDE have claimed at various times to have ownership of the Sherlock Holmes trademark as well as the copyrights. CDE argues that his writing changed too: there was more overt emotion, and Holmes became kinder, developing a previously unmentioned fondness for dogs and a more respectful attitude towards women. Please review our, You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. I had no idea that you would be so affected … Are you sure that you are really fit to discuss things? Now that we know about Eurus, let’s try to learn everything we possibly can about her. In 2014 an excitable 74-year-old US heiress called Andrea Plunket popped up to claim that she owned the rights (the late Sheldon Reynolds was one of her four husbands) and announced that she was going to sue the makers of the TV shows Sherlock and Elementary for infringement of her copyright and trademarks. It was reported that CDE’s lawyer “repeatedly … dramatised the concept of a ‘round’ character by describing large circles with his arms.” As literary criticism in a legal context goes, It’s all a long way from the dignity of EM Forster testifying on the artistic merits of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. It’s also been nicknamed “the Mickey Mouse Protection Act”, because it was seen as a way of kicking the can for a bit before deciding what to do when copyright expires on the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, Steamboat Willie (expiry is now due to take place in 2024). Not very close relations of the great man, then, but perfectly entitled to get any money that’s owed them. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism.

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