As it turned out, he was an engineer, but he had a garden that he worked in every day. Te, especially when coupled with Ni, tends to filter out the unnecessary to make room for prioritization. Sherlock prefers small groups or one on one, so do introverts, and all can learn to adapt. Well, guess what, all of those new things involve solving problems (which is basically a necessity for Ni doms). Ne/Si actors have to be genius to disappear into an Ni dom role. I think an Fe would have noticed a lot quicker and more naturally, whereas, Sherlock has to use the scientific method to figure out people’s emotions. I will say, though, that canon Holmes is not an INTP but an ISTP. Two weeks before both he and I were about to head off to university, he decided out of the blue that he wanted to be a missionary for two years. As an INTP, I am content to talk to and argue with myself…come to think about it…if I met a Watson that called me “brilliant”…I’d run. A lot of people think that what Sherlock did was incredibly selfless, and in a way it was, but at the same time, his primary reason for doing it was because he was emotionally attached to those people and didn’t want them to die, not because he didn’t want them to hurt. I’m kind of focusing my reading life on Robin Hood a bit this year, having vowed to read at least 6 different things that involve him. He’s no more INTJ than any other Sherlock, though. I’m not convinced the BBC Sherlock is an Aspie, though — he touches on some of the symptoms (whichever are good at making him a jerk) but his overall behavior is nothing like how they act. 7 Fictional Characters That You'll Relate to If You're An INTJ, 7 Fictional Characters That You'll Relate to If You're An ENTP, My Favorite Little Moments in The Prequel Trilogy. Marissa. Lastly, where INTPs are primarily possibility focused, INTJs are more focused on probability. blatantly a INTJ… If he was even relatively Intp he wouldnt be able to predict a thing a Mastermind would do. If Sherlock is definable by MBTI, he might be an INTJ, but he’s not anyone that would leave grammatically and pitifully inarticulate comments at basing their self worth on something that isn’t them. I like your summation, that “the most defining characteristic of Sherlock Holmes is that he is Sherlock Holmes.” I agree! He’s all about metaphors and loves talking in riddles and telling stories. “He’s the British Government”?

But that’s more how he’s written than anything else. I haven’t seen him since. This entire article was written by an antisocial f element.

So far I don’t think any of the film adaptations have gotten that right. All that matters to me is the work. He’s bizarre, definitely, but he interacts with strangers without any issues. David Keirsey says that INTPs number close to 1% of the population, and considers them even rarer than INFJs (though I haven’t found anyone else who agrees with him). Some writers say this difficulty is because the character displays aspects of several different types (including INTJ and ISTP) due to the writers’ ignorance of … If anyone got anything from the muddled mess of thoughts up there, I congratulate you! She picks up on subtleties in people’s behaviour that most people miss and comes to conclusions about their inner states of being. Magnussen is actually ahead of him –to the point where Sherlock can’t see any way out and ends up acting in the moment by shooting him. My view is that although he understands his feelings, he views them as a weakness and thus, tries to detach from them. When I was seventeen, my sister had to explain who Angelina Jolie was to me. Film variations on Sherlock range between ESTP (possibly RDJ) to INTP (Basil Rathbone) and INTJ (Elementary). Whereas an NeTi user would be satisfied just to analyse information, Sherlock has to see a problem all the way to the end or else  he continues to think about it for the rest of eternity (at John’s wedding, he was still thinking about the Mayfly Man, because he never solved it). While this may be partly true, I think we can pin-down a single best-fit type for most portrayals of Sherlock Holmes in film and television (I’m not covering the original stories in this post). (or worse, a combination of the two.). I think Sherlock is one of those characters that we MBTI enthusiasts can debate endlessly, and since BBC’s version seems to display traits of both INTJ and INTP it just makes things more confusing. He needs to share his thoughts with someone immediately (even if most of the times the others don’t even have a clue what he is trying to say) without that much introspection (more common in INTP using Ti as dominant). Sherlock is most likely ISTP. Yoooou just proved Sherlock is an INTJ mate.

Or not – who knows? 3.

The comments are embarrassing, some of them almost suspiciously satirical. He had a jacket with a memorialised name and dates of birth-death embroidered on it. The personality type that fits most film and movie portrayals of Sherlock best is INTP.

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