perceptions of Shylock differ greatly between an audience watching today and an Elizabethan audience. Having been forced to forfeit his bond, Shylock is divested of his wealth and forced to convert to Christianity.

One of the key speeches for examining Shylock’s character is act one scene perils of the waters, winds and rocks. Shylock is confident that the legality of the contract cannot be disputed, and plans to show Antonio no mercy. Shylock is not a Jewish name. However, one might now interpret this line as the final stab in the back for Shylock – even his own The first time we see Shylock is in Act one scene three. ), Shakespeare Studies New York, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2004. therefore is given to Antonio and hatred is felt towards Shylock. inevitably aroused when his last ally, and his "own flesh and blood", rejects him for a Christian. Radford’s filmic adaptation of the play adopts a variation on this interpretation. #crying. the country! [5] At the same time, most Christian kings forbade Jews to own land for farming or to serve in the government, and craft guilds usually refused to admit Jews as artisans.

Shylock is forced to agree to these terms, and he exits citing illness.

Despite sharing a similar outcome, the different representations of Hippolyta create two entirely different processes. to receive any better treatment himself. Shylock's original intentions in the loan were to actually befriend a Christian and make an ally of his enemy Antonio. : Citing Scripture and the Moral Agency of Shakespeare's Jews.

Davies is portrayed both in and out of character, presenting and stripping down the layers between character and actor. The tragedy is perceived as the failure of […], In Charles Brockden Brown’s novel, Edgar Huntly or, Memoirs of a Sleep-Walker (1799), many characters have problems with interpreting their own ideas of reality and of what is actually real […], Symbolism is a literary device used throughout literature in which a concrete image represents something deeper and more implicit. If this is the case, her defence of Hermia can be read as a projection of her own desires. Here, Shylock generates his own sympathy from the audience, and Since Shakespeare's time, the character's name has become a synonym for loan shark, and as a verb to shylock means to lend money at exorbitant rates. Antonio in act 1 scene 1. However, her character has already allowed for the possibility of an alternative justice, neither false nor dominant. Notable actors who have portrayed Shylock include Richard Burbage in the 16th century, Charles Macklin in 1741, Edmund Kean in 1814, William Charles Macready in 1840, Edwin Booth in 1861, Henry Irving in 1880, George Arliss in 1928, and John Gielgud in 1937. F. Murray Abraham played this character at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2006. Shylock’s speech shows that he does not complain and wallow in self-pity, but acknowledges that all Jews are fated to suffer in this way.

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