We will always  give you independent advice on the best type of machine for your operation. Simple, user friendly operation with an electronic message display. Why choose Selecta snacks vending machines?

The versatile snack machines we use are state of the art, chilled, attractive and dependable with models to suit every type of business from slimline machines for smaller companies where space is a premium to large capacity snack machines to … Contact … "We are, of course, happy to accept returns within days of receipt for full refund or exchange".

Better still, you can tailor your machine to have a variety that suits all the demands of your workforce. As a leading supplier throughout the United Kingdom, we have an experienced and friendly customer team ready to help you find the perfect one for you. Kids Novelty One Touch Candy . Stocked with all of your favourite snacks, you can rest assured that our fully managed snack vending machines will cater to all tastes at break-time. Dual snack spirals provide a superior vend action. Another good thing about these machines is that you can find them anywhere in the UK. Our dedication to unparalleled service will ensure that your company’s refreshment needs will be taken care of, leaving you and your staff to do what you do best. Having one nearby will do more than improve output at the office but also increase morale. If you consent to the use of these cookies, please click the 'x'.To find out more about how we use cookies and how you can control them please click

The snack machines can be operated with either a pre-paid card or cash which means that there are no issues with non-payment or unexpected costs. This machine offers food and drinks from a single apparatus.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of opening a cold beverage after an arduous day at work. The most common kinds in the trade include the instant free-standing machines as well as the table toping one, which conveniently delivers a freshly made cup of coffee directly from the machines bean.

It will deliver a massive new range of selection, service, and excitement to your canteen, office kitchen and work campus. The Shopper 2 accommodates over 136 items and is ideal for a “snack” short term service. Universal tubular drink coffee snack vending. With our Free Vending solution you can put your mind at ease. Not sure of age as we have inherited the machine, was working before being switched off. Snacks can provide us with that extra boost needed for the next meeting or a treat after a big presentation. snack vending machine .What a convenient and cost-effective solution! The importance of this machine cannot be overemphasised enough, be it in the office, or any other working environment. We offer a tailored mix of products, modern machines and cashless/contactless options to deliver a proficient service, convenient for your visitors and staff, keeping them refreshed and energised throughout the day. For instance, you don’t have to have concerns about your machine continually breaking up, since the firms ensure you have continued support and maintenance.Equally, having a water cooler in your premises gives the added benefit of bringing the perception of a healthy performing working environment. Superb choice of top quality snacks and confectionery. We provide access to brands consumers love, along with healthy snacks they expect, when they want them, in vending machines designed to provide an enhanced user experience.

With snacking now classified as a 'behaviour' we saw a massive opportunity to provide a service in which we can transform the unhealthy term of 'snacking' into a fun and healthy way of life. this would be an easy fix for anyone willing to get themselves a door hinge if it became a problem.

However vending machines providing both tasty and healthy products are few and far between. Not only will you have a happy workforce who can maintain their energy levels all day long without the …

Whether you’re looking for a small machine for a small office or a tailored multi-machine solution for large location we have a solution for every environment including: …

snack vending machine CLICK HERE TO BUY IT NOW for 100.99! Others have the capability to dispense hot water. Snack vending machines can provide convenience and profit to all sorts of businesses. Similarly, in case you are conscious of the cost of purchasing a new vending machine, be aware that you don’t have to buy one out rightly.

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