As a result, solar cells are less exposed to solar irradiation, and generate less energy. Compared to other power generating technologies, solar PV power plants have low maintenance and servicing requirements. These checks will be outlined in the manufacturer’s documentation and defined within the warranty conditions. This is important to take into account in budgeting and investment planning. November 12, 2013 Generally, inverter faults are the most common cause of system downtime in PV power plants. Tata Power Solar also monitors and maintains rooftop solar projects for its corporate customers. My professor asked me to write a research paper based on a field I have no idea about. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Vikram Solar’s O&M services also reach out to third party PV system owners, operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). 4 . Their serviceable life is up to 25 years, with 10 years of guaranteed performance. according to the plant’s main components. Similarly, tracking systems also require maintenance checks. Telecommunications Engineer at Alcatel Lucent Shanghai Bell ( ASB Myanmar ), Student at CMR College Of Engineering and Technology, Plant Manager at Angthong Power Plant (SPR) Thailand. In addition to the typical focus of thinking about up -front costs of a solar plant, determining a plan and budget for operations and maintenance (O & M) is essential in assessing the business case for a PV facility. Optimizing Operation & Maintenance Practices for Solar Power Plant 1. Non-Critical Reactive Repair (addresses production degradation issues), Critical Reactive Repair (high priority, addresses production losses issues).

We do what we say we are going to do, with integrity, tenacity, and a genuine passion for the work throughout the entire project. �)��Qk��Z�jP'ۡ�$ۅ����pͰrќw�%�y�����t��%��9ֲ,�v�v� ���b�j|������NT�H&� ``p� �N0wt�j���!߲6 ���� a`de������p���?O��QSfc��[]"�1����$���g��lO!i��$H3�#�m���iU��`q� @*�A��D�,@� �p�

Projecting costs should be as much the result of careful process planning as it is an exercise in budgeting To estimate O&M costs, it is helpful to first have an understanding of the following items: Solar PV plant components The various levels of maintenance and typical maintenance needs The different monitoring types available The plant operational support model Additional considerations for PV O&M costs, Utility-Scale PV Plant O&M Cost Estimates, Source: Electric Power Research Institute, Engineering and Economic Evaluation of Central-Station Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants, 2010, Fixed-Tilt c-Si is defined as polycrystalline modules mounted at a fixed 30 degree tilt facing south Fixed-Tilt CdTe is defined as cadmium telluride modules mounted at a fixed 30 degree tilt facing south Fixed-Tilt a-Si is defined as amorphous silicon modules mounted at a fixed 30 degree tilt facing south Fixed-Tilt c-Si is defined as monocrystalline modules on a north-south axis tracker tilted south at 20 degrees with backtracking Single-Axis tracking c-Si is defined as monocrystalline modules on a north-south axis tracker with backtracking, The table below provides a breakdown of costs across four categories – scheduled maintenance; unscheduled maintenance; inverter/equipment replacement; and insurance, property taxes, and owners costs for five conceptual 10 MW PV plants, PV System Failure Areas and Relative Frequencies, The figure below provides the relative frequency of photovoltaic system component failures along with their corresponding outage impacts, The various types of maintenance strategies for a PV plant include: Preventative Maintenance includes routine inspection and servicing of equipment to prevent breakdowns and production losses Corrective or reactive maintenance addresses equipment breakdowns after the occurrence.

Source: Electric Power Research Institute, Addressing Solar Photovoltaic Operations and Maintenance Challenges, July 2010.

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