Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Each time I see these Soul Reaver threads, I really want to finally play it. So i've been interested in this series for a while because I only ever heard good things about it.

They wanted to have that many more reavers? After his features have been almost completely eaten away by the water, Raziel is saved by a being known as the Elder God, who sets him on a quest to free the world from the parasitic influence of the vampire clans and to destroy Kain.

All rights reserved. HANOUN6 YOUR PLAYSTATIONS DISC This compact disc is intended use only with the PlayStation game console.

Once you gain the Soul Reaver, you'll shatter enemies with an explosive punch that mixes Psylocke's psi-dagger (from Marvel Comics' X-Men) with a Jedi lightsaber. Sooo, how come someone asking for a comparison between Steam and GOG versions end up with just comments about long-gone Dreamcast and PSX versions? The graphics are among the best we've seen on the Dreamcast, taking as much advantage of the power of the system as the original version did of the PlayStation. You can now begin to see the shape of many of the game's inventive 3D puzzles. i own all the games now on gog since theres a square enix weekend thing but thank you anyways. The voice work was absolutely superb for it's time, too, and the controls were so spot on. Wow, talk about comprehensive.

I was so pissed off at the ending. --Joe Fielder --Copyright ©1998 GameSpot Inc. All rights reserved. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. This looks like the game was originally double (or longer) in length. For me, the games have always been about Kain, and using that ending would have pretty much ruined the series, nevermind prevented further games. GOG also has loots of bonuses with the download unlike steam. Notify me about new: Guides. Please try again. Square Enix оказались гораздо тупее, чем ты думаешь, - вместо того, чтобы взять всё добро со своего же официального форума, они подрядили gog сделать улучшения для игр LOK. Loved this game back in the day. Guaranteed functional or replacement. These are the tools you start the game with. Cheats. Disc(s) are professoinally cleaned. The storyline is presented through a gorgeous introductory CG cinema (which runs even smoother on the Dreamcast), which is then followed by well-crafted events using the in-game engine and superb voice work. Toonstruck использует ScummVM - "эмулятор" (движок) DOS. When you gaze upward, you'll see the reflection of the water shimmering across an ornate gothic ceiling. Do not connect PlayStation game console to a without first the manual you' pmection TV.

The Drowned Abbey stage is an excellent example of both elements. I loved. Questions. Pound HD Link Cable for Sega Dreamcast - HDMI Cable Converts Native VGA Signal for ... Old Skool Sega Dreamcast AvCable Audio/Video Composite Cable. Players: 1 : Year: 2000: File size: 329 MB: Publisher: T-36802N Raziel finds himself transformed so that he no longer drinks blood but devours souls (luckily, since he no longer has a jaw). В Steam более старой версии, а в GOG - был апдейт новее. The main difference between these two versions of the game (which are exactly the same, of course) is in the fact that for the Steam-version there are further improvements of the stolen by gog fan-patch (which was bought by Square Enix from gog and included into the official version of SR1 on Steam and gog) which consists of updated winplay.dll (improvements are such as updated for the newest OSs bink engine, new sound engine, support of achievements and subtitles, so on), but for any other versions of the game (i.e. Great post. I simply want a HD upgrade, and I would play the hell out of it. One has a spidery form, another has grown a tolerance for water, and so on.

haha. Savings represents a discount off the List Price. The graphics are among the best we've seen on the Dreamcast, taking as much advantage of the power of the system as the original version did of the PlayStation. You can only transport yourself back to the Material World at select locations and only once you've filled up on souls. This ability comes in handy, since the netherworld often bends platforms and structures out of shape so that you can climb them more easily and then flip back to the Material World and continue on. For Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 9 guides and walkthroughs, 23 cheat codes and secrets, 31 reviews, 30 critic reviews, 8 save games, and 61 user screenshots. Because you can't open doors or move objects there. And surprisingly, his wings still work after a fashion, at least letting him glide for short distances.

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