Sep 2017 – Present 2 years 3 months. [email protected], Sparhawk Academy We happily acknowledge that every person in our school has something to teach as well as to learn; therefore, we encourage a variety of social learning formats. Academic guidance toward this goal consists of help in understanding the journey ahead, discussion about the first steps to take, and the development of mutually respectful collaborations with adults and peers wherein reflection safely occurs, and incremental achievement is celebrated.

This is the style of instruction traditionally associated with schooling. The Sparhawk Oceanfront Resort. Order status changed from Pending payment to On hold. Sparhawk Academy started in September, 2018 and is for boys in grades 3 to 8. Certainly, by adolescence most children are developmentally prepared; but as with any complex skill-set, guidance as well as opportunities to practice are essential.

The Sparhawk Oceanfront Resort is known for its long tradition of hospitality and vacation excellence. Sparhawk Academy. Habits of mind are thereby cultivated, and this optimizes nature’s gift. Payment pending (unilateral).

Log In. Respect for children and trust in their inherent enthusiasm for learning shape the way we live in our school community and are central to the design of our educational processes and objectives. var year = today.getFullYear()

Students must learn HOW to learn. We offer a selection of articles and speeches collected from Sparhawk as well as The Heights School in Potomac, MD, Northridge Prep in Niles, IL, and Western Academy in Houston TX, other all-boy schools in the United States who have been generous to Sparhawk Academy with their wisdom and guidance as we launch this great endeavor. Create New Account. Participation in school management enhances cooperation because it empowers children and vests them with responsibility, a trust that most children wish to merit. This awareness provides structure, context, and meaning for the information accumulated. by Chestnut Hill Center. We value both formal and informal learning and teaching styles, and group and tutorial approaches; and, it is our belief that self-initiated learning enables a child to study with the most enthusiasm and commitment, leading to more sustained interest and grasp of a subject than can be externally assigned.

We listen carefully to students' ideas, and in turn, they willingly learn from us. Adolescents require the freedom to venture independently into the seas of possibility that exist for them. It has 150 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 7 to 1. I studied both Higher Education Administration and Theology at Boston College. Knowledge is infinite. Experiences with these materials, frequently dismissed as “just play,” are those that allow young children to seek answers to their own “Why?” and “What would happen if?” questions. The resulting success provides the fuel for persisting through the challenges that intellectual activity promises. At other times, children and adults can enjoy a peer relationship in studying or discovering things new to each. [email protected], Bob Sylvain Where children have personal freedom, they learn to respect the rights of others. They encourage children to be active learners who observe their natural and social world thoughtfully, learn to describe and classify their perceptions, pose questions and form hypotheses, test their ideas, reflect, draw conclusions, and solve problems.

The ability to engage in self-initiated study, with the sustained effort necessary for success, varies from student to student. Within each curriculum experience, there is not only opportunity for students to acquire knowledge directly from teachers and other traditional resources, but, the requirement that, within clear criteria designed to ensure focused outcomes, students make choices about means to those ends that best suit their needs and interests. At Sparhawk, it is our intention to nurture that inspiration in every student. AVP - … And the level of mastery achieved when a child is self-motivated, as well as the degree of retention, can be powerful.

Receive our e-viewbooks directly to your inbox. From the mission statement of Sparhawk Academy: "the school helps parents educate their boys in mind, body, and soul through the assembly of a great faculty on our beautiful grounds. [email protected], Reception Desk

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