What God does, rather, when we set out on a path of spiritual growth, or regeneration, is open our eyes to wrong thoughts, desires, and actions that we currently are capable of facing, resisting, and banishing from our active life. Who is Jesus Christ? Maybe it’s time we started believing them.
( Log Out /  Would you be willing to break that jar open and pour it at Jesus’ feet? If you feel you really cannot talk to her about it, then it will likely cause ongoing damage to the relationship. I would like to see her forgive others, as well as herself, to where she could get some help with her drinking. Finding the damage irrevocable, Maleficent feels the weight of her evil choice.

(Assuming we don’t have some sort of sleep disorder.) There is so much of meanness and abuse, of intolerance and hatred.

Who could resist something like that, right? . Everyone should read and ponder it occasionally. But then it’s up to her whether to actually do anything about it. What does it Mean to be Baptized with Water, the Holy Spirit, and Fire? The “shrewd as snakes” part is about being smart, not naïve, in the way we deal with people who would take advantage of us and harm us if they could. I hadn’t run across your “Can I be Saved if I Hate my Mother?” article yet, but after reading it, I feel a little more at peace with our (sometimes) difficult relationship. Thank you so much! Ideally, unintentional wrongs would not end friendships and relationships.
After reading your article, though, I feel like I’m a lot closer to forgiveness than I thought. Before long, getting up on time and showing up for work on time will become our habit and custom, and we’ll wonder why it was ever a problem. Having a sound understanding of things is also very important.

She is reframing the problem of evil outside our usual American battle lines. Don’t let it happen to you. I know this is a delicate and sensitive thing of which I am speaking. It is not Christian to allow and enable others to keep on doing evil, destructive things. We must always forgive so that we can leave behind the evils of the past, and press onwards and upwards in our spiritual life.

At first these will probably be relatively small and superficial things that are obvious wrongs, and that cause us obvious problems.

(Matthew 18:21–22). The rest of it, what happened the day this all played out in court, is the truly remarkable part.

Sheen would like to appear on the final episode of “Two and a Half Men.” (Do I detect a death wish for the program on Sheen’s part?). As the old saying goes, “To err is human, to forgive, divine.” Forgiveness is the pretty, popular girl that everyone is always swarming around and wanting to be friends with.

For better or for worse, she is your guest now. . Because she is pretty, she escapes a bullet to the head, only to be condemned to sexual slavery.

These are commonly men who love their wives and are devoted to their marriage, and who find their joy in the relationship of marriage, and not in mere sex for the sake of physical gratification.

But “Maleficent” is something very different. I not only want to encourage you as you read her story, but also don’t want us to forget the amazing stories of great women of …

Yes, as ugly and awkward as repentance may seem, repentance is the true love and inseparable partner of that wonderful beauty, forgiveness.

Since I don’t know the exact nature of what she said and did, and the harm it caused, I can’t say anything much more specific than that. “The New York Times quoted the district attorney as saying this is the sort of crime for which victims feel no punishment is harsh enough. The next time they see each other, his army unit has swept her from her home as they try to rid the country of Bosnians. Section Index for Fellowship Readers are permitted and encouraged to copy and freely share this article with others. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But forgiveness is only one half of the healing process. So . In a recent devotional Anne Graham Lotz shares about another story in the Bible about a woman, expensive perfume and an alabaster jar: The alabaster jar I bought in Cairo sits on a dresser in my home as a reminder to search for ways to show extravagant gestures of love and kindness . Perhaps one of the greatest stories of forgiveness is an experience Corrie ten Boom, author of The Hiding Place had after she was released from the concentration camp.

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