“There were defensive wounds indicating that they had sought to defend themselves from an attacker.”. Fibres were also recovered from a 17-year-old girl Edwards admits twice raping at Karrakatta Cemetery after abducting her from a dark park in Claremont in 1995.

Her naked and decomposing body was found about two months later in Wellard when a rooster ran in front of a car, prompting a family to stop so the children could chase after it and the mother could pick death lilies.

In the wake of his daughter's disappearance, Denis Glennon said she had been brought up to "fight on". Mr Yovich noted they had similar injuries and their bodies had been concealed in a similar way.

She'd visited her parents at their Shenton Park home where she did her washing, as she did most Saturdays, then had her hair styled and cut at her usual salon nearby.

"When these things are found and you become aware of it, it is a moment when you think, wow, this is really important material," O'Callaghan said.

The third piece of evidence will be a knife that was found near Ms Rimmer's body.

The Spiers family, who still don't even know where the remains of their much-loved daughter and sister are, have heard witnesses tell of a series of high-pitched female screams in the Mosman Park area on the night she vanished. “If you know where Sarah Spiers is, can you please tell us? As police search for a suspect, 27-year-old Ciara Glennon is taken and killed in March 1997. “These victims and the witnesses must be commended for their courage and their resilience. Hundreds of witnesses testified during the trial, including Edwards’ two ex-wives, his love rival, former friends and people who saw a stranger offering lifts in Claremont.

“Few trials have been so consistently reported on, or reported on in such detail,” he said.

The courtroom was packed with the media, families, police and the public.

Overflow rooms were also set up to accommodate people.

RELATED: The new true crime podcasts you need to listen to right now. However, the deaths of Ms Rimmer and Ms Glennon did constitute murder and were likely committed by the same person, Mr Yovich conceded.

But even if he does find Edwards guilty, it's not going to bring the young women back. Ms Rimmer's friends decided to go home at that point but could not persuade Jane to join them, despite begging her to hop in their car as they drove back past the Continental, where she was standing outside.

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