Kevin - Detailed Meaning. Kevin (ProperNoun) A male given name. Name: Kevin Gender: Male Usage: Kevin, of scottish-gaelic origin, is a very popular first name. Meaning of Kevin. Information about Kevin. The spiritual meaning of the name Kevin is generally thought of as “handsome”, but there is a lot more to the name Kevin than just what’s on the surface level.

Kevin is a modern-day classic. Maybe it was just overused - still a fan.

Privacy policy | Cookies policy | Terms of Service, Kevin Anderson (born 1960), American Actor, Kevin Anderson (born 1986) South African Tennis Player, Kevin Anderson, English Climate Scientist, Kevin Archer (born 1958), English Musician, Kevin Ayers (born 1944), English Songwriter, Kevin Boyles (born 1967), Canadian Volleyball Player, Kevin Carlberg (born 1987), American Musician, Kevin Carr (born 1958), English Football Goalkeeper, Kevin Cheng (born 1969), American-born Hong Kong Actor, Kevin Corrigan (born 1969), American Actor, Kevin Costner (born 1955), American Actor, Kevin Doherty (born 1958), Canadian Judoka, Kevin Durant (born 1988), American Basketball Player, Kevin Eastman (born 1962), American Comic Book Artist, Kevin Faulk (born 1976), American Football Player, Kevin Federline (born 1978), American Dancer, Kevin Fertig (born 1977), American Professional Wrestler, Kevin Forster (born 1958), English Long-distance Runner, Kevin Garnett (born 1976), American Basketball Player, Kevin Gordon (born 1989), Australian Rugby Player, Kevin Graves (born 1989), American Child Actor, Kevin Gregg (born 1978), American Baseball Player, Kevin Harvick (born 1975), American Race Car Driver, Kevin Haskins (born 1960), British Drummer, Kevin Hayes (cricketer) (born 1962), English Cricketer, Kevin Heinze (1928–2008), Australian Television Presenter, Kevin Hulisani Mmbara (born 1979), South African Political Youth Leader, Kevin J. Anderson (born 1962), American Science Fiction Author, Kevin James (born 1965), American Actor, Comedian, Writer, And Producer, Kevin James Labrie (born 1963), Canadian Singer, Kevin Johnson (born 1966), American Basketball Player And Politician, Kevin Jonas (born 1987), Member Of The Jonas Brothers, Kevin Keegan (born 1951), English Footballer And Coach, Kevin Keen (born 1967), English Footballer And Coach, Kevin Kurányi (born 1982), German Footballer, Kevin Kyle (born 1981), Scottish Footballer, Kevin Love (born 1988), American Basketball Player, Kevin Maggs (born 1974), Irish Rugby Player, Kevin Martin (born 1983), American Basketball Player, Kevin Martin, British Musician And Music Producer, Kevin Mayer (born 1992), French Decathlete, Kevin Mccarthy (1914–2010), American Actor, Kevin Mcdonald (born 1961), Canadian Comedian And Actor, Kevin Mchale (born 1957), American Basketball Player, Kevin Mckidd (born 1973), Scottish Film Actor, Kevin Mcmahon (born 1972), American Hammer Thrower, Kevin Michael Richardson, American Voice Actor, Kevin Mitchell (born 1981), Canadian Water Polo Player, Kevin Mitnick (born 1963), Computer Security Consultant, Kevin Nadal (born 1978), Author, Professor, Activist, And Comedian, Kevin Nash (born 1959), American Professional Wrestler, Kevin Neufeld (born 1960), Canadian Rower, Kevin Newsome (born 1991), American Football Player, Kevin Ollie (born 1972), American Basketball Player, Kevin Pietersen (born 1980), English Cricketer, Kevin Reynolds (director), American Film Director, Kevin Reynolds (figure Skater), Canadian Figure Skater, Kevin Reynolds (unionist), Australian Trade Unionist And Politician, Kevin Richardson (football), American College Football Player, Kevin Richardson (musician), Former Member Of The Backstreet Boys, Kevin Richardson (soccer), English Former Soccer Player, Kevin Robertson (born 1981), Football Player, Kevin Rudd (born 1957), 26th Prime Minister Of Australia, Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudolf (born 1983), American Singer, Kevin Sheedy (born 1947), Australian Footballer, Kevin Sheedy (born 1959), Irish Footballer, Kevin Simm (born 1980), English Singer, Songwriter, And Musician, Kevin Sinfield (born 1980), English Rugby League Player, Kevin Smith (1963–2002), New Zealand Actor, Kevin Smith (born 1970), American Screenwriter, Producer And Director, Kevin Stevens (born 1965), American Hockey Player, Kevin Ullyett (born 1972), Zimbabwean Former Professional Tennis Player, Kevin Von Erich (born 1957), Retired American Professional Wrestler, Kevin Warwick (born 1954), British Cybernetics Professor At The University Of Reading, Kevin White, American Mayor Of Boston 1968–1984, Kevin Youkilis (born 1979), American Baseball Player.

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