Those who joined its ranks became known as "The Inheritors", knowing that they represent their Chapter's honour until their ancestors awaken from their timeless slumber in stasis.

Aug 10. [1a], It is commonplace for Storm Wardens to engage in single combat against the strongest opponents the enemy has to offer. The Captain decided to lure the approaching Greenskins into a trap of his own crafting.

[1d][1e][1f], The Chapter counts a high number of Techmarines amongst its numbers. [1a][2b], The Storm Wardens returned to Sacris, where it was discovered that a psychic taint from the Enslavers had corrupted a number of the First Company. Storm King Ch 401+ Sep 7. After the Nemesis Incident, the Storm Wardens rebuilt its First Company.

Storm King Ch 201-300. Warhammer 40k Lore - Storm Wardens, Chapter History - YouTube May 15. [1a][2b][2c], The sealing of the vaults caused the Chapter to lose access to the details of their founding or early history. [1c], Lorgath planned to face the Warboss's Trukks and Buggies on the open, grassy plains of the planet's north continent.

Only some of the Chapter's Dreadnoughts are aware of the location of the stasis vaults, but have taken a vow of silence, standing as mute sentinels. May 18. Most Storm Wardens see these troop carriers as a steed that delivers them into battle, from which they can launch brutal assaults and seek out foes who'll bring them glory.

While pinned in place, the Storm Wardens launch a spearhead of Land Raiders and Predators, backed by Rhinos and Razorbacks transporting Tactical Squads and Sternguard Veterans into the thick of battle. The ensuing battle cost the lives of many battle-brothers.

The then-Captain Lorgath Maclir was given command of this battle group.

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This weapon often returns to Sacris upon the death of the Storm Warden. Previous Next The region of space had many worlds consumed by the energies of the Warp.

[1b], Quiet camaraderie is often shared on the night before battle. The bulk of Waaagh! [1b], The Storm Wardens are influenced highly by the ways of the Sacris tribesmen, who view the Emperor as a stern father figure who judges all men's souls by the strength of their arms and the purity of their honour. After barely surviving an attack that destroyed their home fifteen years ago, they now live in the dangerous Northern Vales, a desolate wilderness far away from civilization.

Storm King Ch 1-100. Storm King Ch 301-400.

[1a], In 945.M36, Chapter Master Owin Glendwyr took his forces to the Steropes Cluster in response to a reading of the Emperor's Tarot by the Chief Librarian, although some versions of the account state that it may have been at the behest of the Inquisition. Warden Reading New Chapters every Mon-Wed-Fri. All in Storm King Ch 301-400. This also resulted in the legend of the lost First Company and Chapter Master returning one day when the Chapter and Imperium are threatened, the battle-brothers seeking every chance to prove themselves in the eyes of those who will judge them upon their return.

Sep 11 Chapter 453 - Ancestry Warden. Warden Reading New Chapters every Mon-Wed-Fri. All in Storm King Ch 201-300. Aug 10 Chapter 99 - Acquiring Ingredients II Warden. [1b], A Storm Warden values highly his strength-at-arms and personal honour[1a], his word being his bond.

There is a variation known as a Guardian Amulet, which has prayers written to the lost First Company in the belief that they will send aid in times of greatest peril.[1f]. Storm King Ch 401+ Sep 9. It's my goal to become an independent author, and everyone who donates to this page will not only gain access to advance chapters, but also bring me closer to that goal. The Inquisitor Lord wanted the infected to volunteer for liquidation, but the senior officers rejected it. It is currently under attack by Tau forces who wish to colonise the planet Oertha, which, they believe, possesses vast reserves of fuel and other primary materials. Storm King Ch 201-300. is creating Fantasy Web Novels (Current Project: The Storm King). Sep 7 Chapter 451 - Blinding Fury Warden.

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