I first saw this not as a series, but as a movie in Italy.

The boat was a bit absurd as it looked like a normal speed boat on the outside, but then they go below decks and the thing looks like it is the size of a small yacht.

Unintentionally funny... the runt of the litter!

Stop the haterade...I understand that view point now(considering that you are older and chances are you don't watch silly stuff). was total garbage starring a wrestler who can’t act and Jack Lemmon’s kid. Beautifully photographed, and just a delight. The design of Thunder is rather interesting and the special effects are OK. There’s SO much to unpack here. Jake: Max, this episode cements Thunder in Paradise as one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, and I’m kind of starting to like it. | and also make sure Hulk Hogan doesn’t drop a hard R near any kids. ", shortlived prime-time drama "Models Inc" and of course the sitcom "Friends". The boat has a small radar dish, near the cabin on the portside that lifts up to receive satellite telemetry. Thunder, Spence's high tech Thunderboat-class weaponized speedboat proves to be a decisive factor in a war re-enactment. CategoriesBoat Dinks, TVTagsBoat Dinks, Hulk Hogan, Jake Arant, Max Robinson, Sting, Thunder in Paradise, as one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, and I’m kind of starting to like it. Using their futuristic, high-tech boat, nicknamed "Thunder", they travel around the world fighting various criminals and villains. 21 Mar. Max: God I bet shooting this show was a disaster, just because of how much of it has to take place on the water. FAQ Spence and Bru try to stop him. GOD, Chris Lemmon is terrible in this show, Max. I don’t even think it’s his fault, all the way. - Display article list. She gets kidnapped, and ends up in a "Morocco" type country, and has to be rescued. This show is a soulless cash grab with a lot of aging wrestlers in it, and it often reaches to be things that it has no chance of being, but … shit. 1994 also saw the introduction of quite a few barrel-rotting apples but thankfully in most cases their respective networks killed them off before any serious damage was caused. It’s honestly sort of upsetting, because with the right crew and tone, a show about two degenerates living off the coast of Florida and wrecking people’s shit with a weaponized speedboat could be extremely funny. Two former Navy Seals work as mercenaries with a high-tech boat. There were times during the pilot (which is almost TWO HOURS long, by the way) that I actually paused it and called someone else into the room to rewatch a scene with me, because I was having trouble processing what I was seeing. I quite like Hogan's appearances in films but Thunder in Paradise was pretty unspectacular. is going to continue to be packed with harrowing parallels to Hulk Hogan’s screaming eagle fall from grace. It’s every hallmark of bad eighties TV under the veneer of the early nineties cinematic-tinted production that seemed to follow in the wake of Miami Vice. in context: Those shows had moments of real depth or earned emotion, and Thunder in Paradise was written by cokeheads in a Disney World resort supply closet.

Kevin Skiba and I just returned from the 10th annual Boyne Thunder poker run. Star Fleet, X-Bomber et al. A woman with whom he has an extremely ill-defined relationship who stands to inherit the huge hotel on the island they all occupy, she gets married by, like, the end of the weekend. But honestly, for me, the thing that fascinates me the most, ESPECIALLY through the lens that history affords us, is the bizarrely understated performance from Hulk Hogan. Hulk-as-R.J. basically runs this small beachfront town and he’s never wrong, only inconvenienced by others. I don't care what anybody says, I think these were great fun! His henchmen retaliate.

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