i never saw the series from beginning to end because when i happen to catch it on tv one day it was mid series. The Mysterons threaten the life of the Director General of the United Asian Republic and Spectrum swings into action to protect him as he prepares to board his private plane at London Airport. However, the bomb which is transported to destroy the entire complex is set for 10:00 S.E.T. Watch Captain Scarlet Online: The complete guide by MSN. Infuriated at his superior for disregarding the lives of the men on-board the satellite, Scarlet declines the opportunity to be the temporary commander-in-chief of Cloudbase, and therefore, the offer is handed to the honoured Captain Blue. When a radio station relay and communications satellite is recreated by the Mysterons and its course altered towards Cloudbase, Colonel White orders. Leaving for a surreptitious destination, which only White has told to Lieutenant Green about, and with harsh instructions not to publish it to anyone at all, he arrives on board the USS. Instantly find any Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons full episode available from all 1 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more! Mysteron agent Judith Chapman steals a phial of deadly K14 virus - enough to kill ten million people - from Biological Research Station D near Manchester. After she brings the delegates to the castle to start the conference, Symphony Angel is taken prisoner, as is Captain Scarlet, who unexpectedly discovers the brutal plan before the delegates arrive. A drugged Captain Blue awakes to find himself under interrogation on Cloudbase. An elderly lady in the Scottish Highlands reports a UFO sighting above a nuclear power station. The designer of a powerful new bomb is killed and turned into a Mysteron replicant; Spectrum turns to his twin brother, a convicted criminal, to try to communicate with him.

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Watch Captain Scarlet Full Episodes Online. Click here and start watching Captain Scarlet in seconds. A team of professional robbers break into a minor Spectrum Security Vault near the coast of New York, where "useless" documentation is. They set-up their car with fake lookalike puppets to deceive the warden into thinking that the 3 drunken men that he just warned has helplessly crashed off the high mountainous road, and exploded in a fireball. They plan on doing so by holding an International Air Conference at the loneliest location in Europe; Glen Garry Castle in Scotland. Very happy with picture quality on the Standard Def DVD's and it looks fantastic on 60" TV. But a Mysteronised SKR4 recovery craft packed with high explosives is hurtling towards Earth with the temple as its target. Sign in to see videos available to you. Once again, the Mysterons crypic threats make Spectrum believe they are targeting the Angels for a second time, but it isn't actually. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. their practical and mental exams to become Spectrum hovercraft pilots, is the most likely place for Captains Scarlet and Blue to investigate, where several explosive sabotages have been made upon Koala's state-of-the-art hovercrafts, hence why the Mysterons latest threat states that there is a traitor within the world security organisation, and that it threatens to tear it apart from within. Although the isotope is physically harmless, it makes him a straight-forward target when using radiation-tracking systems during Spectrum's full-scale manhunt, to uncover and apprehend the Mysteron agent.

Their attention is diverted instantly by a realistically audible incoming military assault & tank formation on the far West Sector of the base, which Carney has simulated by broadcasting recorded sound effects of a real attack via expensive speakers. After the Mysterons threaten Spectrum's Cloudbase headquarters, a large fast-moving trace appears on the radar. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. When the Mysterons threaten the life of the Supreme Commander of Earth Forces, Scarlet and Blue are assigned to escort him to SHEF HQ in New York to chair a briefing on the Unitron, an advanced unmanned tank. Tritonium alloy mining operations at Hotspot Tower in the North Pole are threatened when a Mysteron agent cuts the power to vital heating elements. When the Mysterons threaten to kill one of the Angels, Scarlet and Blue are sent to Paris to escort Destiny back to Cloudbase. The Mysterons have warned of a traitor in the Spectrum organisation and soon Scarlet has become the prime suspect.

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