Privateer had two add-ons titled Speech Pack (1993) and Righteous Fire (1994). Darauf folgend wurde das Spiel auf zahlreiche weitere Plattformen portiert. Getting started can seem daunting, especially if you are new to wiki. Il personaggio opera nel settore Gemini e, a seconda delle scelte del giocatore può comportarsi da commerciante, da mercenario o da corsaro. Created by Origin Systems and distributed by Electronic Arts in 1994, Armada was the first official game of the Wing Commander series to feature multiplayer mode. The Darkening is set a century after the original Privateer and in a different region of space. Wing Commander: Privateer is an adventure space flight simulation computer game released by Origin Systems in 1993. Il giocatore interpreta Grayson Burrows, un privateer cioè una persona in possesso di un'astronave e non legato a nessuna organizzazione. The futuristic setting lets players utilize advanced jump gates, short-range time travel devices and massive cargo haulers. Pilgrims were the first human explorers and colonists and had developed the innate ability to navigate space by feel despite obstacles such as black holes. The plot itself can only be played straight, one mission after another in a preset line. The fourth column is the Contribution area. Wing Commander: Privateer è un videogioco della serie di simulatori di volo fantascientifici Wing Commander. Right-click the Wing Commander Privateer app and choose Show Package Contents. Welcome to the Wing Commander Wikia, a Wikia for the Wing Commander fictional universe - games, books, and movies!. The visual appearance of the ships also changed radically; the Rapier fighters featured in the film were built from scrapped English Electric Lightning jet fighter fuselages. [3][4] Roberts, even after production of the film, was left unsatisfied with the results of the film version of the Kilrathi;[5] some interviews imply that the puppets were built before the sets were completed, and were too large to be filmed without hunching over unnaturally. ; Go to Applications. Go to Contents. I can't stand Wing Commander. The first place for any user to begin is the WCPedia Rules. Welcome to the Wing Commander Wikia, a Wikia for the Wing Commander fictional universe - games, books, and movies! Tolwyn orders Lieutenant Christopher Blair (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), whose father he knew from a previous conflict called the Pilgrim Wars, to carry orders to the carrier TCS Tiger Claw in the Vega Sector, under the command of Captain Jason Sansky (David Suchet), to fight a suicidal delaying action to buy the needed time. When Burrows lands on the planet New Detroit, a man hires him and gives him a mysterious artifact. Right-click the Wing Commander Privateer app and choose Show Package Contents. Here you will find guidelines to follow when creating and adding content. The scout energizes the ancient weapon in exchange for the location of the ship where Burrows found it. Roberts cast actors that bore little physical resemblance to those who previously held the part. Currently WCPedia has about 3,764 articles. Es bildet zusammen mit Privateer 2: The Darkening eine Ablegerreihe der Wing-Commander-Reihe. The Tiger Claw, however, is heavily damaged and can do nothing more to prevent the assault, except to send Deveraux and Blair in fighters to find their way back to Earth. Before Blair leaves, Taggart, who is in reality a Naval Intelligence officer, reveals himself to be a Pilgrim as well, shocking Blair. Privateer si differenzia dai predecessori perché non prosegue la trama dei precedenti giochi di Wing Commander ma intraprende un nuovo filone con una tram distaccata dai predecessori, sebbene ne condivida l'universo e alcuni elementi. Wing Commander ist der erste Teil der gleichnamigen Science-Fiction-Computerspielserie Wing Commander von Origin Systems. A sequel was released in 1996, titled Privateer 2: The Darkening. Two expansion packs were released for Privateer: the Speech Pack (1993), which added digitized speech voice-overs to the entire game; and Righteous Fire (1994), which continues the story and adds other purchasable equipment to the game.

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