The current DYC clubhouse, located on a private island along the banks of the Belle Isle Park in Detroit, is of Mediterranean design … The Waikiki Yacht Club also shares reciprocity privileges with other yacht clubs around the world, a Waikiki Yacht Club membership serves as a membership in the larger yachting community worldwide.

Applies to individuals under age 35 with a boat less than 30′. If you would like one of learn more about Long Beach Yacht Club and our memberships or programs please fill out the form below. Junior membership status will be available to qualified individuals under the age of 30 and with a boat, less than 30′. Applications for memberships are currently being accepted. There are many reasons to be a members of the Orleans Yacht Club, and, as any current member can tell you, membership is an active part of their lives. Junior membership status will be available to qualified individuals under the age of 36 and with a boat, less than 30′. Access to the OYC ​Clubhouse, where you can relax and enjoy the company of friends, and make new friends, while enjoying the beautiful view of Town Cove. Applies to individuals under age 30 with a boat less than 30′. You can also wine and dine your way along the Intracoastal Waterway, or anchor in Lake Boca Raton. Junior OYC members are given priority to become Corinthian members upon attaining the age of 21. Senior members in good standing shall have the right to use all facilities of the club, and shall be entitled to vote upon all club matters. Connect with people interested in boating and water sports. Racing Associates have no voting power. Dockage is billed 50% in November and 50% in February. Wednesday night suppers during the Fall, Winter and Spring, reservations required. Participation in a robust, year-round social program. The club currently has about 200 members. Inquiries are accepted year round by the membership committee.

Junior members do not have voting privileges.

Phone: (216) 432-3270 | 4851 N Marginal Road, Cleveland, OH 44114, Last Updated on Sep 18 2020, 11:53 am EDT, Copyright 2020 by Lakeside Yacht Club | Production by.

During the summer, Wednesday night are more casual, where you can bring your own dinner, hors d'oeuvres, or take-out to enjoy, while sitting out under the tent. This number may fluctuate periodically. Junior members in good standing shall have the right to use all social facilities of the club and limited boating and dockage facilities available. The Isles Yacht Club is a premier, private dining, yacht, and social club offering a variety of activities and amenities.

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