The purpose of this review is to measure whether a student is making satisfactory progress toward his or her educational goals.

The purpose of this review is to measure whether a student is making satisfactory progress toward his or her educational goals. 964 0 obj <>stream Teaching, Speech language Pathologist, Librarian  (PDF) 701 Ball Avenue NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 M-F: 8:00am-5:00pm, (616) 632-6100 Early Intervention or Provider at Family Service Agency (PDF) Head Start Staff Member, Pre-K, Child care program staff (PDF) Law Enforcement, Corrections officer, Public Defense Lawyer, Prosecuting Attorney (PDF) Nurse, Medical Technician, Firefighter (PDF) Teaching, Speech language Pathologist, Librarian (PDF) ��_��Uw��L,��P�Qw]]U]�e�T#�l�5!�(�FG���1�1Z4.�H�iC�F:����ŘƸ���ec\c�' V5V�ؚ�jk�����~l�� +��>�jr���^�)��-nN������M{/��7���1�7���������u��?��f�j�8� �WNW��dyq�^��7�?�8���巃��Uۈɻ�v����6˛�z3�RY��5�p�mA3�w4=��nI����5���\�R�lJD������c{���6��.�_��ُ��U{�����Y�lh ������}�����M{��:6R��]�b�}�� RQ���2�"IQ�����ru�lv{�u�z>�_����Ç��/%/�v�v����t��Z���d�!��NQ��� �q�:1���%>".����#�5�7/5Lh��M�oO�MG��=������ez�-���88�� �x�'4�A��2�ׄ�x\h������1�y�Q����:����lo;dw6Eü�J��,�A�;�;۽���w� ��>� [M,��R*���&:Ek��o �8x� �QM��lrP`h1X�g�Ke��G��ဠ�qpd�3]Z/ߐ��>9 Jw �N �>

Students in compliance prior to the end of the academic year must notify their campus’ Student Financial Aid Office in writing by submitting an appeal. If the student’s financial aid eligibility changes for 2020-2021 as a result of corrections, the financial aid awards will be updated and the student will be notified by an email to their Kent State email account. }Ph#����*N[{Y�Y�×6z��~Gw�~%١�ښ����f������f,aņ�ͯ�v4��Ix��(��/�d�~Ps���h�����gU�HHe'��Y�Z�5b!~+�0��D�8mp �O���� endstream endobj 967 0 obj <>stream To view your status: If extenuating circumstances contributed to the student’s non-compliance with the SAP policies, the student may appeal the denial for federal financial aid by submitting a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal. In an appeal, a student must explain the circumstances that prevented the student from meeting the SAP policy standards and explain what has changed that will allow the student to meet the standards at the next evaluation. 785-532-6420 phone 785-532-7628 fax [email protected] Neither paying for their classes out-of-pocket nor sitting out for an enrollment period is sufficient for students to re-establish eligibility for federal aid. The mission of the Kent State University Student Financial Aid Office is to strive to make a degree from Kent State an affordable option for students and families, regardless of family income. Perkins Loan Total and Permanent Disability Discharge Form (PDF) Students must demonstrate financial need as … Each petition submitted is reviewed and a decision letter is sent to the student regarding the outcome of their appeal. Forms & Applications : News & Events: Federal regulations require that Kent State University review the academic progress of students who apply for and/or receive federal financial aid. )�<1�)�m���#�[�G��G�V� NX� Q�A������N��� h�{�w�6�h���A?� ���ãl�p-���SJ��>. Students who have reached the maximum time frame limit and who have completed coursework to graduate but have not yet received their degree cannot continue to receive further financial aid as an undergraduate. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us at 330-339-3391 or [email protected] Federal regulations require that Kent State University review the academic progress of students who apply for and/or receive federal financial aid. Forms & Applications Student Financial Aid | As a student or parent, you may need to access specific forms and applications. Student Financial Aid | In order to expedite the processing of your documents, you may submit documents to the One Stop for Student Services via the Contact Us form or fax (330) 672-6001.

A degree from Kent State University is an investment in your future! © 2020 Kent State University All rights reserved. ; Click on the Employee bar to expand it. Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note. The official athletics website for the Kent State University Golden Flashes Perkins Loan Primary Health Care Certification Obligation Form (PDF) Kent, Ohio 44242-0001, How to Scan a Document with your Phone (PDF). h�d�]K�@���{�]Ԍ��˂��T��E�R'XtGi�}�nQt3��y���C8w [email protected]�p=��X�Y� ���R�{3�%�i�,�\�Ċ��TK�fc+�T�F9}�`�F� ))����yj��I��Y�Y�#�Ӣ�]r�5��$�O�n{��V��}��.ZBe�=>:m��>��Q�Q������]�Fҽ2�e�ų3��px�]r�_Y�.��;"B��!_�З ]P]�
Files may be submitted securely using the form below. 103 Shields Building  Office of Student Financial Assistance220 Anderson Hall919 Mid-Campus Dr. NorthKansas State UniversityManhattan, KS 66506-0107, 785-532-6420 phone785-532-7628 [email protected] Important information for Form Submission related to COVID-19 In efforts to ensure the safety of our staff and students, the One Stop for Remedial coursework is included in the GPA calculation. Office of Student Financial Assistance 104 Fairchild Hall 1601 Vattier Street Kansas State University Manhattan, KS 66506-1104. How do I submit these documents?

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