You're very much mistaken. They live too far apart. It's a noble way of thinking of it but the lines of 'what you brought in' get blurred especially after a significant amount of time together. Corporate, I did some manual labouring work while studying and was even in the Air Force. agreed, being a stay at home dad with my 1 year old twins trumps pretty much everything I've come across at work in the past. You need to find a job that caters around the childcares hours, and a lot of them close over holidays. Her dead beat ex did not cough up one cent for the three kids she had full time. Paternity leave is (in my opinion) far too small, it's safe to assume the woman may likely breastfeed, and depending on the type of birth, she may need more than a few weeks to recover. Divorce settlement is not about trying to restore you to the same position you were before you got married as if the relationship and all the years in it had never happened. The newly re-launched forum, now available at the Men’s Divorce website, provides a great opportunity for men dealing with numerous divorce-related issues to connect with others, ask their questions, help others and more. Good luck. Can't remember what the last one cost. or as much as another 10 to 15Kthen watch the house prices climb which she reaps the benifit of and you can't always get a revaluation after delayed hearings (although often times you can). You're right. She gave token gestures.My family and me sacrificed soo much so she could complete a PhD and go on work conferences.She was sick often and had to use much of my annual leave to take care of her.After about 8 years of her crap,I found out she was cheating on me. Then the stress of the whole thing, the loss of contact with your kids even under the best of circumstances, and then the unbelievable low low low dog behaviour that some people around you will unfortunately display. was it a clean process or did it get messy? Some were clean, some were messy.

Here I am slaving away, saving, investing, stressing about the future and affording a house and not living my youth like I should, and ill prob be the one who pays most of if not all of the mortgage deposit. Probably. this is more common.

I'd say that in my current situation where I am a good friend of a Husband who is being pretty much falsely accused of things that never occured on the alleged AVO that was put against him. Find guidelines and information regarding the Men’s Divorce Forum posted in a thread here. Of all the divorce tips for men, I sure hope this is the most obvious but we'll write it anyway. Wood, Robert G.; Corcoran, Mary E.; Courant, Paul (1993). Now go get yourself some proper legal advice, and don't be stingey with your financial information when you get to the appointment.

Divorce hearing How to prove ex is in a defacto relationship RE: Spousal support decision handed down RE: Puzzle to solve Is there a Divorce Guide Book someone can recommend? I was not referring to the system seeing her as a homemaker and carer 'because she is a woman', I was referring to the bit in the post where it says she denied access of the child – so presumably she is the primary carer and therefore you need to take into account the view that money is given to the primary carer to provide for the child's needs for which both are responsible as well as any 'split' that is deemed fair. So, you go through all this planning, the wife sacrifices professional development / career advancement, then it all goes to rubbish and the wife is then left to take care of the children save for 1 weekend a fortnight. Are you feeling overwhelmed or out of control? Handbook of Labor Economics 3 ©.

I got divorced we split it 50/50 basically even though she was a home person 95% of our time together simply put because she upkept the house, cooked meals ect she contributed just as much over the time together it was advised. Well it is good that you have the time to spend with your Grandkids. From what i picked up, if we agree to a figure that's too low, the courts can toss out the agreement..!! The lawyer suggested a court order for this, not a BFA.. When it came to covering the kids my health insurance was ridiculously expensive to cover an employee plus children. Aunty may be in a wheelchair and neck brace and need to be spoonfed and need more care than your kids. A couple of months later, you are awakened by a sherriff's officer, knocking at your door, serving a notice to attend a criminal would receive one, at 5:00am.....The law has everything to do with it. girl cuts back on her career to be a wife, or altogether to be a full time mum/housewife. From what i picked up, if we agree to a figure that's too low, the courts can toss out the agreement..!! Contributions could be non-monetary too, for instance someone doing more unpaid work upkeeping the house or looking after kids than the other. Here is the list of reciprocating jurisdictions: 1) NEVER be chivalrous regarding settlement. I know that when one of my best mates got divorced it was almost impossible for the dad to get custody or even shared custody but these days it is quite different. What gets cut in half is what is accumulated during the partnership. “It hurt more deeply than other breakups.

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