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Piper talks about how Ole needs to find someone who knows his style inside the ring and can compliment it. Slaughter and Nelson then leave and Caudle goes over to the blue screen to introduce the primaries for the next match: Bill White from Philadelphia, PA and Jake “The Snake” Roberts from Denton, TX. I honestly like it though because even though I know there’s no way Bill White is beating Jake Roberts having Piper get all excited about White hitting a knee strike or a quick pin attempt puts a little kernel of doubt in my mind that makes what would otherwise be a nothing squash match a little more exciting. Official site includes wrestler bios, rankings, and upcoming events. Vacates in 84/01 when Valiant stops wrestling as Brown. Slaughter and Private Jim Nelson join Caudle.

Instead we get White wailing on Roberts some more. The fact that we link to a JCP alienated loyal fans in the Carolinas by moving Starrcade '87 and the Bunkhouse Stampede to arenas in Chicago and New York City, respectively. The more I watch these old wrestling shows the more I’ve come to appreciate the really good enhancement guys and in 1982 Mid-Atlantic Bill White is quickly becoming one of those guys. Crockett joined the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in 1952, and his "territory" covered Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. YES SIR!” shouts Private Nelson. [2] Founded in 1931, the promotion emerged as a cornerstone of the National Wrestling Alliance.

Indicates a gap in the listing where title changes are not known. Piper, who in the last match established himself as not a body guy, now puts over Idol’s incredible physique. :). By the 1980s, Jim Crockett Promotions was, along with the World Wrestling Federation, one of the two largest promotions in the United States. and can now be found at We’re heading back to the Mid-Atlantic region for some more studio wrestling. Rich Landrum and David Crockett appeared on "Best Of", doing promo interviews for local arena shows. All Content and |Interviews, Written He then sends White into the ropes but gets caught with a knee to the gut. We do not exercise control
Why are they acting like Slaughter’s still ducking him?

Reserved. Caudle asks if he’ll be providing expert commentary for the match and Piper sarcastically informs him, “No, I’m waiting for a bus…” as the match gets underway.
Slaughter decks him with another hard right and looks for the Cobra Clutch but can’t get it on Landel who fights back and puts Slaughter down with a big bodyslam. Because of this, JCP offered many of its stars lucrative contracts - paying them beyond their actual value - to prevent them from leaving the company. Slaughter gets back to his feet but Landel backdrops him. Thanks for all your many He takes Alexander down to the mat and drops a leg on his left arm. Health and safety obviously come first in life as we know it, but we hope to soon be back in the public eye with great wrestling events for the fans…, We hope to see all the fans again soon, but until such time as deemed safe and clear, we will postpone all activities for MACW. David Crockett comes out and joins the announce team with some breaking news. Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. After purchasing a mobile television production unit for $1 million, Crockett unveiled what became the NWA's dominant, end-of-year, annual supercard: Starrcade.[9]. Modern Day, Mid-Atlantic Gateway (2015 Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

's place while still being able to have a profitable build-up to Starrcade's main event. In the 1980s, Crockett, Jr. began consolidating the Southern franchises of the National Wrestling Alliance.

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