The Naenae College principal, Mr Bruce Murray, said he could count of half a hand the number of boys he had caned this year. It was mayhem, as one would expect. Geraldine Wilkins 69,752 views.

No, I had absolutely no idea, and I'm quite proud of the fact.

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At Rongotai College he would even alter his school uniform to a style he liked. I've heard all the arguments – some of them not without merit – for uniforms. Nelson College for Girls students Sarah Eynon and Katie Greenaway wear the new pants as part of their school uniform. Mr Mackay also got a petition of support from his staff, and a standing ovation from the boys. It is known mostly for being the location of the Wellington International Airport. Dave Armstrong: Two of the arguments for school uniforms are that they stop unfair competition between students of different backgrounds and can engender a sense of pride in the school. We ask that you respect this privilege as deleting this message will also delete it from your neighbours' view. The only part of the school uniform to not have changed since 1926 is the boys' socks. Mr Mitchell thought the Rongotai case would provide further evidence for Cave's campaign for the abolition of corporal punishment. Keep informed about any suspicious activity, send urgent updates to your neighbours when required and discuss emergency planning. A fourth-former, David Martin, who was not wearing a badge, was yesterday attacked by a fellow pupil of the school and his brother, Graeme Martin, was today threatened with physical violence. School uniforms wouldn't be so bad if parents could buy cheap, functional uniform items at major outlets. There are also strong indications of a split among Rongotai teachers, as well as board members. In 1855, another earthquake further lifted the isthmus so that it became permanently dry land. But it's not that simple.

School uniforms wouldn't be so bad if parents could buy cheap, functional uniform items at major outlets, says Dave Armstrong.  (Members only), Nicholas Boyack

Rongotai College is a co-educational state secondary school for Year 9 to 13 students,[4] founded in 1928. 3 replies It is roughly in the centre of the Rongotai electorate, which is much bigger than the suburb. [1], Until about the 15th century, the Rongotai isthmus was probably a shallow channel known as Te Awa a Tia.  (Members only), Nicholas Boyack


I suspect the opposite is true. The Post Primary Teachers' Association has a policy of active discouragement of corporal punishment through the introduction of alternative forms of punishment.

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