The device only uses 5 watts of power which is about the same as a light bulb so it’s very low energy and safe to use.

That’s the Nissen fundoplication and the Stretta procedure, which are very effective upwards of 10 years – the Nissen having a slight advantage over the Stretta procedure. No improvements at all.

The first was to use a balloon device to stretch the pyloric sphincter at the bottom of her stomach since it was found to be way too tight and not allowing the stomach contents to continue the journey. Join us by sharing your stories, treatments and your favorite GERD friendly recipes! While the effectiveness of this procedure is still being debated, it is heavily marketed as a non-surgical alternative to the traditional Nissen fundoplication. Because “geriatric patients aren’t as robust when it comes to surviving a major surgical procedure,” Reiss says the procedure can be a good option for older adult patients.

every person, every body is different. Additionally, if patients have a large hiatal hernia or a motility issue that’s causing their symptoms, they may be better surgical candidates, according to Reiss. I'll be happy to keep giving updates, and answer any questions. I think someone else said she does not consume any meat. Did not see her consume peppers or pickles or spicy stuff at all.

Must follow a special diet for a month after surgery.

From an informational point of view, Stretta works very well for LPR, even though LPR is one of the more severe and more difficult to treat forms of reflux. My wife just had a follow-up with the Dr. last Friday. On a final note I think it is worth mentioning that the Stretta procedure cost is approximately $5000. Finally today I can read this post! Press J to jump to the feed.

The other procedure is called Stretta - where the esophageal sphincter at the top of the stomach is treated with radio frequency to stimulate the muscles to contract and tighten up. “Really, when you look at their options before Stretta was available, there was only a surgical intervention. ", The Procedure If the meds work for you - great. I refuse to get too hopeful and I'm thinking about. While Stretta is a good option for many GERD patients, they first must be identified as acceptable candidates for it. It’s very safe-however it’s not as effective as a traditional fundoplication. I don't know anymore but I seem to recall her and husband saying that it's suppose to take time for that area to strengthen up. Hope you find some help Maria Horsey. Follow up with Dr. Noar in two weeks to see how things look inside. I don’t care where I have to travel or how much I have to pay. Hi please can you update me? All Rights Reserved. I will ask some people I know who have had LPR and underwent a Stretta to post this week.

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