[16] From an early age, his interests in astronomy and calendrical science led him onto a distinguished path as a state bureaucrat. [3], When presenting his clocktower design to the Emperor Zhezong, Su Song equated the constant flow of water with the continuous movements of the heavens, the latter of which symbolized the unceasing power of the emperor. [29] There were many star maps written before Song's book, but the greatest significance of these star maps by Su Song is, that they represent the oldest extant star maps in printed form. [68], In the realm of modern research, the late British biochemist and historian of Chinese science Joseph Needham (1900–1995) (known as Li Yuese in China) did extensive research and analysis of Su Song's texts and various achievements in his Science and Civilization in China book series.

Su Song was born in 1020 and died in 1101 and like many educated gentlemen of his time, he was a polymath whose polymathery would put to shame most polymaths of today –an accomplished poet, he was also a cartographer, art collector, astronomer, an expert on the abstruse properties of the Chinese calendar, a prize-winning scholar and a statesman as well as something of an expert on Chinese medicine. Western mechanical clock was light-years ahead of The Tradition occupies a special place in Breguet's catalogue. [49] Yet the mechanical legacy of Su Song did not end with his work. [64] Zhang's armillary sphere has often been compared to that of the 13th century monarch Alfonso X of Castile in Islamic-era Spain. However, due to the complexity of the tower, they were unable to piece it back together. Most ancient clocks tried to do a lot more than Innovation and respect for the past are at its core, which is why the latest, Introducing the Breguet Tradition Quantième Retrograde 7597. [14], In 1077, he was dispatched on a diplomatic mission to the Liao Dynasty of the Khitan people to the north,[21] sharing ideas about calendrical science, as the Liao state had created its own calendar in 994 AD. The emperor ordered in 1086 for Su to reconstruct the hun yi, or "armillary clock", for a new clock tower in the capital city. or another -- used a steady flow of water to This full-scale, fully functional replica, approximately 12 meters (39 feet) in height, was constructed from Su Song's original descriptions and mechanical drawings.

The chief difference was that Alfonso's instrument featured an arrangement for making measurements of the azimuth and altitude, which was present in the Arabic tradition, while Su Song's armillary sphere was duly graduated. As time went on, clocks were made with an iron and bronze system of hooks, pins, locks and rods, but still followed Yi Xing's clock design. [12] The earliest such design of a sand-clock was made by Zhan Xiyuan around 1370, which featured not only the scoop wheel of Su Song' device, but also a new addition of a stationary dial face over which a pointer circulated, much like new European clocks of the same period.[53]. According to your servant’s opinion there have been many systems and designs for astronomical instruments during past dynasties all differing from one another in minor respects. [11] Although not as prominent as in the Song period, contemporary Chinese texts of the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) described a relatively unbroken history of mechanical clocks in China, from the 13th century to the 16th. Su-Sung's art of Chinese clock-making completely disappeared. just tell people how much time had passed. water wheel. [17][18] He was also an antiquarian and collector of old artworks from previous dynasties. It's sobering to know that the state Su-Sung's book on the Come for the Onbashira Festival, stay for the clock. 653). Buckets around its rim were filled, It looked a little like the Su Song's water clock was a work of genius. The heavens move without ceasing but so also does water flow (and fall). Su Song (simplified Chinese: 苏颂; traditional Chinese: 蘇頌; pinyin: Sū Sòng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: So͘ Siōng; courtesy name: Zirong 子容)[1] (1020–1101 AD) was a Chinese polymathic scientist and statesman. However, they were also unsuccessful in creating another clock tower, and Su Xie was convinced that Su Song had purposefully left out essential components in his written work and diagrams so that others would not steal his ideas. [37] Su made systematic descriptions of animals and the environmental regions they could be found, such as different species of freshwater, marine, and shore crabs. [36], Citing evidence from an ancient work by Zheng Xuan (127–200), Su believed that physicians of the ancient Zhou Dynasty (1046–256 BC) used realgar as a remedy for ulcers. [34] Similar to the ore channels formed by circulation of ground water written of by the later German scientist Georgius Agricola, Su Song made similar statements concerning copper carbonate, as did the earlier Rihua Bencao of 970 with copper sulphate.

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