Text structures are more complex including chapters, headings and subheadings, tables of contents, indexes and glossaries.
Students develop an understanding that it is often necessary to take a range of perspectives and to challenge assumptions.

Find out about VCE study options, how you'll be assessed, understanding your study scores, and preparing for university, TAFE or the workforce. In Levels 9 and 10, students consider changes in the characteristics of places and the implications of these. They give both qualitative and quantitative explanations of the relationships between distance, speed, acceleration, mass and force to predict and explain motion. Atomic theory is used to understand relationships within the periodic table of elements.

For a visual guide to assist locating key information and resources related to the Victorian Curriculum F–10, please see the Quick Guide. By the end of Level 10, students analyse how models and theories have developed over time and discuss the factors that prompted their review. Students develop modular solutions to complex problems using an object-oriented programming language where appropriate, and evaluate their solutions and existing information systems based on a broad set of criteria including connections to existing policies and their potential for innovation.

They examine complex issues, identify the ethical dimensions and analyse commonality and difference between different positions. They analyse how biological systems function and respond to external changes with reference to the interdependencies between individual components, energy transfers and flows of matter.

Students examine the role of innovation and its influence on business success. They examine the causes and consequences of the change and strategies to manage the change. They make presentations and contribute actively to class and group discussions, comparing and evaluating responses to ideas and issues. They consider significant spatial distributions and patterns and evaluate their implications, and consider interconnections between and within places and changes resulting from these, over time and at different scales. They also experience different roles that contribute to successful participation in physical activity, and propose strategies to support the development of preventive health practices that build and optimise community health and wellbeing. The Victorian Curriculum F–10 incorporates the Australian Curriculum and reflects Victorian priorities … Students evaluate their solutions and information systems in terms of risk, sustainability and potential for innovation. Students extend their exploration of ways that they and others nurture, develop and sustain dance practice. They are introduced to a global perspective, with opportunities to understand the complex interdependencies involved in the development of technologies and enterprises. The VCE provides diverse pathways to further study or training at university or TAFE and to employment. They analyse and explain how images, vocabulary choices and language features distinguish the work of individual authors. They compare Australia’s system of government with another system of government in the Asian region. They use Venn diagrams and two-way tables to calculate probabilities and relative frequencies from collected or given data to estimate probabilities. Please enable scripts and reload this page. They extend their ability to use technical and expressive skills safely performing within their own body capabilities and working safely in dance spaces and groups.

Students sketch and draw linear and non-linear relations, solve simple related equations and explain the relationship between the graphical and symbolic forms, with and without the use of digital technology. Across the band, students will have had opportunities to analyse problems and design, develop and evaluate a range of digital solutions, such as database-driven websites and artificial intelligence engines and simulations. How are government policies shaped by Australia’s international legal obligations? They use performance and expressive skills to convey dramatic action and meaning. In Levels 9 and 10, students consider how the Australian economy is performing and the importance of its interactions and relationships with the Asia region and the global economy in achieving growth and prosperity. We have a variety of processes in place to allow for a smooth transition of students on their journey to, and during their time, at the College. As they make and respond to drama, students explore meaning and interpretation, forms and elements and how drama can influence and challenge. Students evaluate the significance of events and analyse the developments from a range of perspectives. They plan, direct, produce, rehearse and refine performances. In Levels 9 and 10, students consider how the Australian economy is performing and the importance of its interactions and relationships with the Asia region and the global economy in achieving growth and prosperity. How can enterprising behaviours and capabilities be used in the workplace? Students compare techniques for collecting data from primary and secondary sources, and identify questions and issues involving different data types.

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