Hyden was last seen alive walking along Santa Monica Boulevard at one a.m.;[56] his body was found by construction workers later the same morning in a dumpster located near the offramp of the Ventura Freeway.

Bonin became known as the "Freeway Killer" due to the fact that the majority of his victims' bodies were discovered alongside numerous freeways in southern California. [185], On 20 February 1996, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a plea for clemency submitted by Bonin's attorneys on the grounds of inadequate legal representation at both his trials. [24], In early 1969, Bonin was arrested as he attempted to restrain a 16-year-old youth whom he had lured into his vehicle; he was indicted on five counts of kidnapping, four counts of sodomy, one count of oral copulation, and one count of child molestation against the five youths he had abducted and assaulted or—in the case of the final youth he had abducted—attempted to assault since the previous November.

"Accomplice of notorious 'Freeway Killer' fatally beaten in prison". In the abduction and murder of Lundgren, Bonin was assisted by Vernon Butts, who is suspected of accompanying or assisting Bonin on at least eight further murders attributed to the Freeway Killer. This does not affect the price you pay and does not affect our reviews. [105], Having by this stage determined a definitive link between many of the murders committed within the previous year, investigators from the various jurisdictions where victims had been abducted or discovered had themselves begun collaborating information in their collective hunt for the perpetrator. These items included various restraining devices including lengths of nylon cord, an assortment of knives, a tire iron, and household implements such as pliers and coat hangers. [80] In addition, Barker had been violated with foreign objects which had extensively distended his rectum. 6. [5][10], At the age of 10, Bonin was arrested for stealing vehicle license plates and was placed in a juvenile detention center for other minor crimes. [103], By early 1980, the murders committed by the Freeway Killer were receiving considerable media attention, and a reward totaling $50,000 for information leading to the conviction of the perpetrator or perpetrators had been offered by leading gay rights activists.

[205] Prior to his surrender, Kearney had been a fugitive for two months, following his being forensically linked to the murder of a 17-year-old named John LaMay—a confirmed victim of the Trash Bag Murderer. Bonin filed numerous appeals against his convictions and sentencing, citing issues such as jury prejudice, the potential of jury inflammation via listening to victim impact statements (which his defense had offered to stipulate at Bonin's trials), and inadequate defense as the bases for each appeal. In his years on death row, Bonin undertook both painting and writing as hobbies, and did receive several minor awards for his artwork, short stories and poems. Ten days after the murder of Frank Fox, a 15-year-old Long Beach youth named John Fredrick Kilpatrick disappeared after leaving his parents' home to socialize with friends. Norris further elaborated that Bonin had followed a depressingly familiar routine in his murders of luring or forcing his victim into the van, before overpowering and binding his victim.

[18] Bonin later claimed to have engaged in consensual sexual relations with both males and females in Vietnam; he also later admitted to sexually assaulting two fellow soldiers at gunpoint during the period of the Tet Offensive.[19][20]. He enticed victims, aged 12 to 19, into his van and sexually assaulted them before killing them, usually by strangulation.

The victims of these four assaults were aged between 12 and 18[22] and in each instance, he bound or otherwise restrained his victim before forcibly engaging in sodomy, oral copulation,[23] and methods of torture which included bludgeoning and the squeezing of his victims' testicles.

[45][46] According to one attorney present throughout Bonin's subsequent confession, the escalating levels of brutality he had exhibited towards his victims had been similar to that of a drug addict requiring an ever-greater increase of dosage to attain a satisfactory level of euphoria,[47] and Bonin later emphasized to neurologists he had felt an intense sense of excitement as he searched for his victims.[48].

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