BusybodySG Covid-19 Safety and Preventive Measures

Written by busybody

July 3, 2020


2)h) g)fd) c)b) 2) COVID-19 is an unavoidable conversational topic these days. It’s all everyone can talk about as its impact has been felt worldwide. It has swept across the world over the past few months and we have witnessed its destructive power. Thankfully, the situation in Singapore is improving as we can see the number of community transmissions have dropped to a single digit on a daily average.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed our lives drastically. Hand sanitizers, surgical masks and disinfectants have become essentials; keeping a distance with one another has become a norm. Many businesses are adapting to this situation and are implementing measures such as mandatory temperature screening, preparing hand sanitizers close to high-touch surfaces, demarcating one-metre spacing queue lines and increasing the frequency of sanitation and disinfection. While the events industry has come to a complete standstill, we have prepared safety measures and are ready to ensure our clients and their guests stay safe while having fun.

Pre-Event Measures:
1) Follow up on our crew’s (including driver)’ personal health information, if he/she is not feeling well, we will replace the crew
2) Send out our crew’s (including driver’s) contact details to client
3) Disinfect all equipment, backdrop and props to be brought to the event (only hand-held props will be provided during this period as we’re ceasing the use of wearable props such as spectacles and headbands for hygiene purpose, but we’re sure you will still have fun with our hand-held props!)

What we do on the event day:

a) Do temperature checks and inform client via Whatsapp/SMS on the body temperature of our crews before/while heading to the event venue
b) Always have masks on while in the event venue and do a labelling with a “I’m OK” sticker to show the guests that our crew have gone through temperature checks and are well
c) After confirming the set up area with client, our crews will sanitize/wash their hands before setting up the photo booth
d) Sanitize the tables provided before placing our equipment and props on it
e) Bring along sanitizer dispensers and make it readily available on the props table and printing station, along with an instruction board reminding the guests to sanitize their hands before and after holding the props and collecting their photos
f) Use red tape to mark the ideal standing position to avoid leaning or touching on the backdrop
g) Use red tape to clearly demarcate the safe distancing queue lines at the photo taking area and photo collection area, to remind guests to maintain a safe social distance.
h) Enforce safe distancing measures at two main areas:
Photo Taking Area
i) Use red tape to clearly demarcate safe distancing queue lines to ensure there is one metre spacing between guests at all times
ii) The number of groups queuing will be limited to 10 groups at once with the help of a queue bar and the number of persons in each group not exceeding 10 persons (we’re sure you agree that good photos and memories worth the waiting!)
The following group should only proceed to select props when the group before them is done returning the props and moved out from the photo taking area

Printing Station / Photo Collection Area
1) We will deploy at least 2 printers at once (our printer speed is 7s/print) to minimize the the waiting time
2) Use red tape to clearly demarcate safe distancing queue lines to remind guests to maintain a safe social distance
3) Only one representative from each group is allowed to queue and collect photos at the printing station.

What we do after the event:

a) Disinfect all equipment, backdrop and props used during the event and store in a clean area
b) Make sure all photos taken during the event will be sent to client via a download link i.e. WeTransfer on the next day instead of passing a thumbdrive

This pandemic has brought about inconveniences, but by adopting the appropriate measures and good personal hygiene, we can still enjoy celebrations safely. We promise to do our part – always be prepared and stringent on executing the safety measures while bringing fun to you and your guests. The health and safety of our crew, clients and their guests are always our top priority. We hope that we can overcome this global pandemic soon! Together, we can get through this!


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