4 Ways to Choose an Instant Print Service Provider

Written by Busybody Studios

May 19, 2020


Your wedding is coming up and there are a lot of decisions to be made. 

With so many photo booths and instant print service providers in Singapore, instant print photography is a definite fixture in the wedding scene.

When instant print services first started, people loved the idea of taking keepsake memento home from an event and were satisfied with what was available. Now, it isn’t enough to simply deliver the mementos to people; the industry has evolved to include new and creative perks to create a better wedding experience with photo booths.

In this article, we will explore 4 ways to differentiate and choose between photo booths service providers. 


No.1 Design, Design, Design

design photo booth

The design which is superimposed onto an instant print is commonly referred to as a watermark or photo border. During the infant stage of instant print photography, watermarks were usually either a simple logo or a small strip across the bottom of the photo with simple elements.

Today, instant print service providers are providing extremely attractive and beautiful designs, which have elevated the design aspect to be one of the key factors when selecting a service provider.

Service providers remain divided on the customisation of the photo watermark, with some deciding that instant printing and photography remain as the backbone of their business, while others put tremendous effort into beautifying their instant print product.

Regardless of their business’ philosophy, consumers maintain the upper hand as they have a wide variety of choices in a buyer’s market. 

There are generally 3 types of customisation in the industry at the moment: simple watermark, customised watermark and multi-shot layout.

a. Simple Watermark

Going back to basics, a simple strip watermark or a logo at the corner provides a minimal level of customisation. The perks of having a simple watermark is having maximum print space to feature your guests, and directing the attention to the people in the photo. 

Minimalist watermarks are especially beneficial for card-sized or 2R prints, as the photos are fairly small to begin with. As people appear very small on card-sized prints, there is a growing trend for 4R sized prints.

 b. Customised Watermark

Customised watermarks allow clients the freedom of creativity, as well as the opportunity to broadcast their beautiful pre-wedding photos. Clients are able to submit their own design, or request for their service providers to create an unique design.

Of late, many service providers are incorporating pre-wedding photos (for weddings) or company logos (for corporate events) into the watermark design. While this is visually appealing, it reduces the available print space featuring your guests. 

c. Multi-shot Layout 

A multi-shot layout allows a few photos to be printed onto a single print. This allows your guests to take multiple shots for a single print, with the drawback of having an even smaller available print space to feature your guests.

This is also a great way to reduce your guests’ waiting time for collecting the prints, especially if the service provider does not utilise a high speed printer.

No. 2 High Speed Printer


high speed photo printer

Many photo booth service providers boast a “high-speed printer”. Since speed is subjective, what exactly is considered “high-speed”? Is 40 seconds considered high-speed? Or does 20 seconds qualify as being high-speed? 

It really depends on the type of printers that are being used. This, being a technical subject, requires you to clarify with your photo booth service provider as all printers probably looks the same to you 🙂

The reason you want printers who can print out instant prints faster is because there are probably a lot of people waiting in line to get their pictures taken. The faster the photo booths can function, the better the mood of your guests would be.  



No. 3 Unlimited Prints


unlimited photo prints

The word “unlimited” sounds all sexy and all cost effective. But based on our wedding experience, most wedding events (and by most i mean 8-9 times out of 10) falls between a predictable usage of prints.

Therefore, most established photo booth service providers knows how the amount of prints to include in their standard package. Do check and compare between providers to see what you can get. Do also ask them if the amount of prints is adequate for the number of pax and their experience will prove valuable to you.

Lastly, there is almost an effortless way to add additional amount of prints at a small cost in case you exceed the amount of prints.  

No. 4 Price


unlimited photo prints

Without a doubt, price is one of the most important factor in deciding the right photo booth vendor for your wedding. Although photo booth isn’t the top few priority in terms of cost, every couple that I know wants value for their money.

The price ranges from the the low-cost basic setups to the expensive and all glamour setup. In most case, the more customisation and “wow” factors you have, the more you pay. 

If you really want to take advantage of a market rate pricing with quality assured, you can go with the established players in the photo booth market which has standardised their service offerings and pricing. These players probably know to provide the maximum value for the best possible price for you wedding couples.

So, I hope that through these 4 points, you can gain an additional perspective when it comes to choosing the right photo booth service providers for your wedding. Definitely take a look at Busybody’s wedding packages as we are competitive and have been in the market for a decade.

We knows when it comes to wedding photo booths. 


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