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October 20, 2015


Greetings from BusybodySG! It’s been a while since we last update our blog, largely due to our busy, busy schedule! We apologize for the lack of informative posts and exciting news!

Due to popular demand, we are sharing more trade secrets with you in this post! Read on to find out more about how BusybodySG maintains our high service standards and customer satisfaction!

 Customer Service

So, after finding out more through our highly informative Guide to Choosing an Instant Print Service Provider, you are considering to engage BusybodySG as your Instant Print Service Provider! Hooray! Throughout your email correspondence with BusybodySG, you might have noticed that BusybodySG is extremely responsive over emails (average response time: ¼ working day or less!). That’s because BusybodySG is a fully-staffed service provider, with a dedicated and friendly representative to attend to your queries! We are also happy to arrange for weekday meetings (anytime between 10 am-8 pm), which is only possible due to our commitment to our customer’s satisfaction!

Although consumers are spoilt for choice today in Singapore’s Instant Print service industry, many service providers are committed to a  day job and operate their Instant Print service only on weekends. This may compromise on the overall experience as they may take days to respond to your emails and be unable to entertain your questions during office hours. In addition, it might also be difficult to arrange for the service provider to make a site visit to your Wedding venue to ensure that the venue has space/logistics to support their service. Being in operations for 5 years, BusybodySG has been to almost every Wedding location. Heck, we might even know your Banquet Manager by name!

Should you require additional assurance, we are happy to make a site visit and touch base with your Banquet Manager!

Live Walk-through

Due to the nature of our work, we are unfortunately unable to conduct meetings over the weekends as we will be on-site entertaining our wedding couples’ guests. BUT, this also means (subject to our wedding couple’s approval) that we are able to host you on-site for a live walk-through on our services! We can’t think of a better way for you to find out more about our service but to experience it yourself!

What’s Next?

So, after going through “The Busybody Experience” first-hand, your boss (sorry guys!) has decided to engage BusybodySG. The first question is usually “What’s next?”. To confirm your booking, we require you to sign a painless contract agreement (void of technical jargon) and to place a S$200 reservation deposit to seal the deal. We have now reserved our service for your big day. We will embark on the design process to craft our beautiful signature design on your instant prints. The turn-around is 12 working days, though we usually take less time than that! Our designs are created from scratch and customized to your satisfaction!

We understand that at the time of the booking, you might not have completed your ‘Pre-Wedding’ photography, and hence may not have your beautiful photos ready. Not to worry, you can send us your photos whenever convenient and we will start on the design process! Most bridal studios will release your photos at least a month prior to your wedding, which leaves us ample time for the design and multiple revisions.

And… What comes after?

You love your design! What’s next, what’s next, you ask? After approving and confirming your photo’s design overlay, there isn’t much left to do but to wait for your wedding!

A week prior to your wedding, you will receive an email from us, informing you of our Busybody crew’s contact information, as well as our estimated time of arrival. Our protocol is to arrive at your venue approximately an hour prior to your service timing for set-up. Punctuality is something we value greatly, hence we are always ready before your service time!

What to Expect

Upon arriving on-site, our Busybody crew will contact your appointed liaison. As wedding couples tend to be occupied on their big day, it is our practice to request for an alternate point of contact, preferably someone from your entourage. After establishing contact, we will commence the set-up, which takes between 5-45 minutes depending on the service you engaged in. As your entourage will likely be busy assisting you with their wedding duties, we are happy to entertain them once our service is ready. The rest of your guests may have to wait till the official start 😉

Don’t be surprised if our Busybody liaison checks in to ask if everything is going well, as we are more than happy to help if we are able to! Throughout our service, feel free to approach our friendly crew members should you have any additional requests.

Among one of the popular questions asked is – “How many photos are we entitled to?” We are not bluffing when we say that our packages include “unlimited prints”. During our engaged timing, we will capture as many photos as we can, and print according to the number of guests in the photo. With your permission, we will even point a (fake) knife at your guests to ‘persuade’ them to take more photos =P

As a conservative estimate (largely dependent on the number of invited guests), over a 2hr engagement, we usually capture between 60-120 photos for our Photo Booth or Red Carpet service and 40-80 photos for our Roving service. Our Photo Booth and Red Carpet service usually yield more photos (compared to Roving) as the photo-taking area is fixed and comes with fun props to pose with.

At the end of our service, all captured photos will be handed over to your appointed liaison on our nifty Busybody flash drive!

We hope that the above provides insight on what goes on during your Wedding! Feel free to contact us at 9626 3687 or [email protected] if you have any inquiries on our services!


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