Step 1:
Preparing for é Big Day.

Step 1: <br>Preparing for é Big Day.
Upon confirmation, our in-house designer will create a draft of your watermark according to your specifications. It will then be sent to you for approval before the design is finalized. We don't stop till you're happy with the design!

Step 2:
The Big Day.

Step 2: <br>The Big Day.
We'll arrive before the event starts and 30 minutes is all we need to set up the booth. Tip: Designate an area for the photobooth beforehand to save everybody some time.

Step 3:
Get ready for some fun

Step 3: <br>Get ready for some fun
We'll invite your guests to pick and choose from our wide variety of props. Watch as your guests take on a whole new persona with the simple addition of a prop.

Step 4:
Lights. Cameras. Action!

Step 4: <br>Lights. Cameras. Action!
Calling all sexy ladies and gentlemen! Let your inner beauty speak for you. What is fun without sexy poses for the gorgeous ladies, and hunk poses for the suited-up gentlemen. How about a Million-Dollar pose, maybe?

Step 5:
Collect your instant prints.

Step 5: <br>Collect your instant prints.
All photos will be (magically) beamed to our printers at the collection counter. Within 8 seconds (yes 8 secs!), our industrial grade printer will be able to print out a 4R photo for your guests. We will also print additional copies so there's no need to fight over it.

Step 6:
'Like' & Tag the photos!

Step 6:<br> 'Like' & Tag the photos!
Visit our Facebook page to view the images online, like and tag your guests. Create the buzz for your event

Step 7:
End of Event

Step 7: <br>End of Event
We'll pass you a DVD containing the high-resolution images at the end of the event.