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Make Your Chats Pop – One Sticker at a Time

As the pioneering provider in Singapore, our WhatsApp Sticker Booth takes your event interaction to the next level. Transform the way you chat on WhatsApp by turning your fun event photos into personalized stickers.

Chat, Laugh, Remember – With Stickers That Stick in Memory, Not Just on Screens.

Why WhatsApp Sticker?

Personalized Graphics for More Fun

Turn ordinary photos into extraordinary memories with our custom-created graphics. Add a personal touch to your stickers with designs that reflect your event’s theme or branding.

Live View for Perfect Stickers

Ensure your best look in every sticker with our live view feature. This allows you to adjust your pose and expression in real time, so you can capture the perfect photo to turn into a fun, personalized sticker.

Elevate Your WhatsApp Conversations

Transform your chats with custom stickers made from your photos. Use your own personalized stickers to reply in conversations, making your daily WhatsApp interactions more enjoyable and uniquely expressive.


✔ Personalized WhatsApp Stickers and Sending to Guests

✔ 2 X On-site Assistants

✔ 5 X Custom Stickers Graphics

✔ Unlimited Polaroid Prints (3 x 4″)

✔ 3m by 2.4m Green Screen Backdrop


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